1. Appreciate your comment and evident interest-in retrospect it
    was a questionable decision on Annie’s behalf to remain trusting after
    the event with Peltier-easy to second guess now but the reality is it
    was a measure of her dedication to the principles she believed in and
    an unquestionably defining moment of the extent of those beliefs.
    Too much grief, too much misery, too much betrayal, in all of this-
    and for nothing-not even validity in the argument she was a snitch.
    Rios now steps up-I don’t take that as an act of repentance but
    rather the reality and fear of spending the rest of her life in prison.
    Either way the spin doctors will work over time to brand her a snitch
    and fed operative.
    I think even if Graham announced he was guilty the same could be
    expected. What is of interest to me is the revelations that will be made
    in court and the aftermath. I can not help but think there will surely be
    more indictments, and I think that a good thing.
    Honor and respect to Denise and Debbie and their families for staying
    strong- an example to everyone, and hopefully those who want to call
    themselves warriors.

    • Hello Rezinate,

      I just got this words from friend and I think they show that SOMEONE for sure been lying for all those years.

      “Annie Mae was a true warrior and mother. She is the Spirit of resistance and the Spirit of the future Seven Generations. Justice for Annie Mae. She came here to protect the Real People, but was not given a chance to fulfill her calling. Shame on all who took part. Admit your guilt and let the circle be compelte. Thousands of my students know the truth, and thousands more will learn it.

      Shame on all who took part.
      Admit your guilt and let the circle be complete.
      Thousands of my students know the truth, and thousands more will learn it.


      With the recent guilty Plea of Thelma Rios and her admission she helped initiate the kidnapping of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash from Denver, Colorado in early Dec. 1975 people should take another look at some of this footage to make sense of where this case is moving.

  2. My sister and I as NA women would say we have never had respect for
    the ones you speak about who have no respect for women. Our
    grandmothers and mothers tell us of how it used to be and our men
    were men who would defend the women and children and would not think
    to abuse them or allow another to.
    They have said to us no man would lie to protect another who killed a
    woman and no man who became rich as others had nothing would be
    respected or heard.
    They do not understand the way it is now or how any woman would
    defend a man who did these things, and we do not either.
    Whatever it was those ones who knew and did theses things to Annie
    Mae and wanted to silence her have failed and she speaks louder now.
    We pray and offer for her children and this justice.

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