1. You make up more shit than what’s legal. Your put downs of The People is nothing less disgusting. Write about something you actually know…not about Nations you know absolutely nothing about. The more you write about “Indian Affairs” the more ridiculous you appear. Try some B>>>E>>>A>>>N>>>O!!!!!! and choose a new topic. Annie Mae was not murdered…so what do you say to that? hmm?? oh I am sorry?? Our people forgive you…(over and over and over and over again) What is your motivations?
    For a Pole you are quite the expert on Indian Affairs……As a human being I must love you, I even admire your writing abilities but I would really love, if you would stfu…ty ❤

    • Charmaine Steele:
      Well I see that in failing to pollute Annie’s fb page you apparently think to come here
      and vent your frustrations-I’m fine with that if it will assist in removing that wedgie
      you seem to suffer.
      One thing we should both strive to do is base our responses on known facts
      rather than frenzied, misguided, opinions. Evidently you have either been living
      in a cave these many years or have a comprehension issue as it is well established
      Annie Mae was murdered.
      Two, that’s two people, have been convicted, and Thelma Rios prior to her death
      admitted her guilt-in view of that a statement such as your’s can only be referred
      to as ridiculous and disgusting -the words you chose. Not even AIM denies the fact that she was.
      I suspect it is a comprehension issue though as had you of read and understood anything
      during your weaving in and out of Annie’s page you would have realized I am not Polish-one
      of the people who has been linking my blog is.
      Neither is Denise or Arvis, who have also linked them-on the basis of that alone you have
      inadverdantly placed yourself at a disadvantage-being that if you haven’t been able to read
      well enough to understand that what credibility should be given to your interpretation or
      denial of facts here or elsewhere?
      I think in being indigenous myself and having lived the life I am at least as qualified
      as you present yourself to address any related issues-the difference is I actually expect
      people to embrace individual accountability rather than victimization as a catchall excuse-if
      you or any other have a problem with that then it is yours and theirs.
      It’s past time to be men and women reflective of the history and the culture rather than
      bemoaning our collective circumstance and doing little if nothing personally about it.
      If you care to discuss this and present a reasoned argument you’re more than welcome to-if
      this is the best you have though you really shouldn’t waste either of our time. As to your
      “forgiveness or “love” ” keep them-I have no need or desire for either.
      Now, you’ve taken a swing at me and I’ve reciprocated-would you care to continue in an
      intelligent manner or merely ramble on adhering to claims of being a human being in the cultural

      • Thank you, Rezinate, for addressing the latest response from Charmaine. Well stated, and to the point.


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  4. Unless you “rezinate” who won’t state your real name for the perceived fear of being assaulted or worse from the people you slander, were actually in any of the places or knew any of the people its hearsay. Aside from the court cases already over your just talking about hearsay. He said ,she said.
    I really can’t understand your fear of stating who you really are. Not very “warrior” to me.

    • With no intent to offend but rather to merely state my
      opinion, I’ve addressed this numerous times and have
      no inclination to do so again- I consider it to be little
      more than a red herring to divert rather than address the
      issues the blog presents.
      That and the pathetic go to of “haters”, feds, snitches,
      and the like resonates more as petulant children who can
      think of nothing else to say.
      What others may make of it is irrelevant to me as the
      truth speaks with a voice of it’s own for those who aren’t
      in denial.
      As to “slander” as I’ve already said, if anyone in AIM thinks
      they can prove it, want to address the issues in court and
      go through the discovery process they are more than welcome
      I find it amusing how easily these stalwart “warriors” drape
      themselves in Constitutional privileges like the Fifth Amendment
      or wrap themselves in “colonial law” when they think it
      advantageous but do a one eighty and wail about settling
      things when it comes to murder and the crimes they have committed
      in the “traditional way”.
      Traditionally they would have been sent packing, as in banned,
      or among some nations faced a greater accountability.
      As to “warrior” never once have I stated or implied I am, if
      you doubt that then browse the blog archives.
      The word warrior has been dragged through the mud by AIM,
      as has the title chief, or even worse “chief of chiefs”, as
      Crow Dog would call himself-if such as these are what defines
      a warrior or a chief then I have no interest in ever being
      called either.
      If you care to discuss the issues or perhaps mount a pro AIM
      or Peltier defense feel free to do so-if on the other hand your
      current comment is the best you have better not to waste our
      mutual time.
      What you understand about me is no more important than what I
      understand about you- it isn’t as though we are homeys or done
      so much as shared a cup of coffee- you can call it fear or whatever
      you like but ultimately it is little more than your opinion- an opinion
      with precious little “understanding” or first hand knowledge of me, and
      in the end to use your own phrase qualifies as “he” (meaning you) said”.

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