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  1. Too many moving parts. Different versions, different days. Even different bunkers. ALL of these stories cannot ALL be true, at the same time.

    There are infinite arbitrary scenarios that could be speculated on Ray Robinson’s whereabouts. Including WK, but certainly not limited to Pine Ridge. He could literally be anywhere.
    Not enough information.

    • Dennis Banks was recorded on wiretap instructing Chris Westerman to dispose of
      Ray’s body – Leonard Crow Dog has been quoted as describing where Ray was buried,
      both accounts define the area as PR.
      It’s hardly credible that during the midst of WK2 Westerman would have loaded up
      Ray’s body and transported it off rez.
      No reason for Crow Dog to lie and in addition say they needed to find a way to
      blame Ray’s murder on the feds.
      The conflicting stories have all emanated from AIM in an attempt to deny responsibility.
      Carter Camp alternately claimed Ray was shot but somehow walked off into the places
      unknown to admitting Ray was shot and he left him so he camp could heroically man the
      Bank$ has taken the simpler route claiming he never saw Ray and didn’t even know he
      was there.
      Don’t forget that AIM as an entity denied killing Annie Mae or any knowledge of it,
      then lined up to point the finger at John Graham.
      What’s happened here is that the leadership specifically got a get out of jail free
      pass for currently undisclosed reasons – I say that was because they informed when
      it served their purpose – an opinion verified by the fact that Russell Means did
      “assist” law enforcement as was revealed.
      Something I’ve blogged about.

      • Ray would not have been particularly useful to them at the time (an assumption). Seems an awful lot of trouble to go to for one non-Indian volunteer that rolled in for…a few days?…hours?

        “Janie Waller accompanied him to WK along with Emily Gordon and Gordon’s then boyfriend. Little if anything is heard of these individuals … could shed some light on events as they occurred.”
        Yes, I would think so. Funny about that, no one else, anywhere, has anything at all to say about Ray Robinson. No insight. No hints about where he was, what he was doing. Even though from all accounts he was very involved with very active well-organized structured groups and organizations and admired and respected. He must have been expected somewhere else, other than home.

        Where does this bit come from? His widow said he went to WK with four other African-Americans from Alabama.

      • When people go silent what could motivate them?
        Could it be threats, and if so threats from who?
        Ray was a civil rights activist and went where he
        felt he could do some good, no other justification
        is needed to explain Ray’s presence at WK2.
        Racism exists on every rez in this country just as
        it does across the nation, the mistake Ray made was
        to assume it didn’t among the AIM leadership and
        AIM was actually a people’s movement when it was
        anything but that.
        It was about egos and personal fiefdoms, the money
        and attention they could generate.
        Something else that stands out is why haven’t the
        Black Congressional Caucus or “leaders’ like Jesse
        Jackson and Al Sharpton ever stepped up to champion
        the cause of justice for Ray?
        Killing people wasn’t exactly a lot of trouble for
        AIM – that and the threat served to insulate them in
        the closed society the rez is.

  2. Alabama was under siege itself in those times. According to early news reports quoting his wife, they had had trouble with armed locals and KKK. He was a known Civil Rights activist. Has his family explored the possibility of threatening encounters on his way home through the south?

    • I don’t know if they did or not, but such a premise
      would be pretty thin in my opinion as it would have
      to include that Ray left AIM, didn’t inform his worried
      wife that he had done so and was on his way home, no
      one ever saw him after his departure, he was murdered
      somewhere in the South and a body or even a rumor never
      Secondly I don’t know why they would have as even Camp
      admitted Ray was shot at WK2.

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