2 comments on “OPPRESSION

  1. Well- considering AIM was made for Black Hills issue and to get attention for Pine Ridge -maybe it pride of making many believe it was intertribla/intrnational ,”to fight fall all Indians rights and freedo(o)m”?
    Maybe pride of being able to write own book(s) and become icon(s)?

    Floyd Red Crow Westerman was a part of the popular protest that culminated at Wounded Knee in 1973.

    He says that there were so many others that were a part of it and that the protest wasn’t really aimed at making the country aware of Indian rights in general, but toward justice and responsibility for the Lakota at Pine Ridge, South Dakota.

    “I don’t know if we (AIM) set any goals,” said Westerman, “we went there (to Wounded Knee) as a protest against the Chairman of the Pine Ridge reservation which was Dick Wilson.”


    Black Hills were sold anyway – so maybe that’s inner to make need something that makes sweet coat of “Pyrric victory” and repeating history of signing treaties while being “under influence” (when looking at movies from that time ye could say teens don’t have idea now what is “hard core drinking&smoking party with guns and riots” and youths now are angles(fallen) comparing it to what was going on there) to be able swallow such bitter pill of horrible failure -to land and to own people?

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