1. Cave tibi a cane muto.
    (Beware of silent dog).

    Silent dog – term for those who do not talk about those who corrupted their souls, they do not make their betrayal seen and do not speak what they really think and know(as fools used to do, hoping he will make people follow him).
    They are meant to play role of fearless patriot (part-riot as well) but shall not bark against oppressors too openly as every ostentation is stupid and suspected.
    But there’s one thing which he shall NOT do at anytime – he shall NOT praise oppressors in any way.

    With demagogy and carefully selected silence and lies with pinch of truth – he shall (like Judas with false friendly kiss) – lead his own people for suffering,torment and extended death from their own hands, thoughts, illusion of decisions and wrong deeds.
    Such silent dog shall create illusion of freedom and sovereignty with whole false pantheon of symbols, names, phrases to repeat by those who will be fooled by it, sermons and speeches with whole this “honorable and sacred” casuistic phraseology which like perfect drug for minds and hearts enslaved and tainted – so oppressors can attach all those invisible strings – while they holding one end and second is anchored in hearts of those silent dogs like leads – and oppressors (thanks to those who serve them this ways for money, fame, material goods and all earthly pleasures) – are becoming Maters of puppets who pull strings and puppets move ways oppressors want, irresistible dance macabre of whole nations just because of betrayal of those dogs.

    So help me gods (all this pantheons I know already) – Russell Means for me fits absolutely to that description after I read his book, speeches and saw several of videos(especially those from WK times) – comparing it with all propaganda words wrote about him(getting over top “worldwide know greatest American Indian leader!”) and while reading his own words I feel such great inner dissonance – like looking at drag queen trying convince me he is daughter of Angelina Jolie and Marylin Monroe and I will never find more beautiful woman than him.
    Or kind of “Lady Gaga iz Rez style” – just without 8 wax figures all over world – but with same attitude- no message -just gaining attention every time using more weird and confusing, embarrassing ways.
    (what I find funny is that “gaga” in slang means “senile”- (of a person) having or showing the weaknesses or diseases of old age, esp. a loss of mental faculties; exhibiting a loss of cognitive abilities (as memory) associated with old age …that’s looks possible with this video of “good’ol times”…and memory loss started like 34 years ago, it seems so…

    ‎”Russell Means…has blamed Vernon Bellecourt…for
    ordering the murder. When asked before the trial whether he was
    involved, Means replied, “Get real.” Two other leaders, Clyde
    Bellecourt and Dennis Banks, have declined to comment.”
    – Austin, TX “Statesman”

    Nothing personal, he is NOT MY Native – just expressing my amazement of outsider.

    Guilt is NEVER on one side – some come to tempt and corrupt – but for this to be done – there are must be in nation those who will agree for it and will accept such “gifts” and “true promises”.

    Personally I don’t think annihilation of Europe would change anything in America – USA would stand as it stands…and would oppress indigenous people same ways they done and doing it.

    So I guess that kind of bull’s s*** shot – not bull’s eye one…
    Only bulls eye is money Russell gets for being “famous actor , Hollywood star and rest of his CV – how opposing government and fighting for people/land/freedom goes with earning money from place you oppose via one big brothel with flashy name – Holly-Wood? NO one can prove me it’s self-sacrifice via self-crucify yourself “artistic way”. How it goes to say about lies and lost stories and ways when you give voice to Powhatan in Disney “Pocahontas”- story which is not true as there was NO John Smith – and taking money for this? )

    And actually it’s shoot in Russell’s own foot (or butt) – because most of supporters are white and from Europe where still many believes in that “beads&feather tale”, that he is a hero and all Indians over America following him…which is simply illusion and misinformation.

    Also in my eyes – it’s like shoot in back of head of his own people because when Europeans will read such thing – all donations and help will end.
    As guild in such case turns into anger which bring hate .
    Victim become Rebel against such injustice of judgment – when we helping and trying to cure what ancestors done wrong, while we seeking forgiveness in tries of remorse – in return we hear we all shall die.
    No normal person can just pass by indifferently such behavior/words.

    Maybe that’s going too far in conclusion – but it brings image of case of Annie Mae Pictou Aquash with all it’s secrets and lies surrounding it…and puts Russell Means in VERY bad spotlight. With green turban and Piper’s flute giving truly false tune as emperor’s new clothes – instead of warbonnet and eagle bone whistle…

  2. Total agreement-it’s those “whites”, those “Euro-centrics” that have been and remain the favored currency source-and the farther away they are (like Europe) the
    more they are insulated from the reality here, not their fault-just makes them an
    easier target.

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