2 comments on “BOB BRANSCOMBE

  1. Thank you for you words. I am Roberts brother. He worked very hard on this case and I believe those who spoke hard about him are of low quality. My brother passed away December 24th, 2010 and was put to rest December 31st, 2010. We knew about our cousin Anna Mae and it was my brothers work that helped bring justise to her. My brother was a proud Micmac trible member, a highly decorated Marine and even better brother and my best friend.

    Again thank you for your words.

  2. I’m sorry to hear about Robert’s passing and though I never met him I
    liked his style, and had the impression that in his pursuits he was
    tenacious and wouldn’t back down.
    I am of the opinion that he, as much as anyone, is deserving of credit
    for what has eventuated in the search for justice for Annie Mae and
    others as well.
    The story of this search and it’s final conclusion will forever be linked
    to him as it is with others- he did good.

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