1. This is so insulting, I may be Mi’kmaw, and descend from a Matriarchal Nation, but I’ve been taught that the LDN Nations have always been Patriarchal Societies. This system has worked for thousands of years. The males Leaders in these Nations have been groomed by birth by the Grandmothers and Mothers, as well as the rest of the Elders. Once again R.M. has shown us he knows little about the way we different Aboriginals creat govt, communities and families. He is so out of touch. Finally, if he truly believed what he is espousing > where were the Woman Leaders of A.I.M.?? Nowhere to be found….

  2. You’re exactly right Apujij-but all part of Russell’s Revisions-like the one that says
    there were only three hundred warriors at the Big Horn, that after the movie about the Spartan 300 was released-and those other professorial insights like Aztec open heart surgery and no evidence of Pre-Columbian warfare among the indigenous.
    Women leaders in AIM during that time?-nope, just good for the pie patrol, cooking, braiding hair, and impregnating.

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