4 comments on “THE SACRED THINGS

  1. Once again, you have provided an evening of thought. A few days of wrangling (all good). And, a new person (Stańczyk) to investigate and discover. For that, I thank you. A rare pearl in the millions of barren oysters in the on line world.

    While some things, in revolution (in its myriad forms) need to be destroyed. Destruction can not be the only goal for it to survive, or, to build a better place. Also, merely denouncing, or, proclaiming the opposite view of the “enemy” ( whoever and whatever that may be) can not create something of value. You are absolutely correct in stating that one (and, all) must stand FOR something. Something of value. Something sacred. What are the things (actions, etc.) that a group will not tolerate, no matter what? What do they hold sacred and beyond battering with, as if they were more chips in the poker game? No matter what the “other” side does, what will you NOT do, even if you anger, hatred, distrust, etc. drives you toward those things. What are the sacred things that you will always be able to count on, even when faced with possible annihilation?

    Thank you, again. Many things to ponder for a bit.

  2. Hello Rezinate,

    Thank you very much for mentioning my Native – he is one of most important person and symbol in our so harsh..and so beautiful history and culture. 🙂
    I feel happy and honored that you found his history and presence inspiring 🙂

    Same humble pride after reading your warm words , Mr Timothy (Chowilawu) Gislason – thank you for seeing him (Stańczyk) worthy to investigate and discover.

    Big thank you and best wishes to you both from Land of White Eagle 😀

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