1. It seems to me, a confederacy would be an excellent way to join the nations together without fully removing tribalism. This has been done many times, though in smaller numbers.

    Though it would require many individuals in each nation coming together first.

    Unity would only come after the myriad of internal issues were at least halted and a reversal began.

    With those like russell means and autumn twobulls stirring the same old pot dividing one nation, it will only hurt the drive to unity.

  2. nesotonohe-the six nations confederacy is an example of just such a
    confederacy-it is a strong one that looks to the common welfare.
    Historically the unions have been defensive ones that addressed an
    inter tribal enemy, obvious benefits in that.
    What the emphasis needs to be now in these unions is assisting
    one another to confront and resolve not only economic issues but
    societal ones as well, like gangs, alcohol/substance abuse, and the abuses
    of women and children.
    If this would occur the nations rather than allowing others to have
    the majority share in determining their destiny would instead be the
    That would translate to sovereignty-and sovereignty is the defining

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