1. Well – looking at all behavior presented by main participants and actually CREATORS of Wounded Knee 1972-75 – the only thing that comes to mind and makes look inquisitively at their words, deeds and actions is that proverb “he who excuses himself, accuses himself “— an unprovoked excuse is a sign of guilt.
    As most of what you can see/ hear/read are…excuses and explanations…of things YOU wouldn’t even think of or suspect them they could do/participate in.
    So more they trying to hide and wash off their hands -more and more they revealing and exposing themselves by creating another excuses and rants about injustice and conspiration against them.

  2. These people who hurt Annie Mae had no idea of reality in relation to Lakota tradition or culture. There were no warriors, no honorable men or women involved. They treated her as they learned and that was a terrible mistake by them. All need to be charged with their cowardly actions. There is no excuse for them, no punishment or consequence too little for them.

  3. Arlen, these many years later and still they exhibit few signs of having learned anything, reminds me of the Hollywood years when those portraying the indigenous wore braided wigs, pantomimed, and grunted a few words with no understanding.
    Just acting out a role and going for the paycheck.

  4. Couldn’t help it – had to sing “I need a dollar” staying in state of shock.

    Well I need a dollar dollar,
    a dollar is what I need
    hey hey
    And I said I need dollar dollar,
    a dollar is what I need
    And if I share with you my story
    would you share your dollar with me



    So that’s how fight for freedom looks like?
    Making another bank, another materialistic shackles and chins – after all those scandals with frauds and still not explained from where Chief Facilitator had all money to travel all over world – as he said himself place he haven’t visit is only Arctic?

    Rezinate, I will start consider you as some prophet/ foreseer 😀

    “Just acting out a role and going for the paycheck.”

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