1. This idea that there was no writing is indicative of the mindset of the invaders. It’s not something they developed, or aligned with it, so it didn’t exist. The wigwam belts for the cherokee held the laws, they were a pictorial writing system, but a writing system none the less.

    The same thing was said of the celtics, now there is evidence of an intricate writing system, not unlike the Elder Futhark of the nords, but still vastly different, more akin to the khipu. A writing system that meshed into their culture. It wasn’t a form of record keeping, or communication only, it was a part of who they were. The pictographs are the same here. The people here wrote in pictures, instead of letters. Some in south america wrote in knots on ropes. Like spoken language written language is different all over the world. And just like they are trying to push english into every part of the world, so are they trying to push their form of writing.

    It is said a picture is worth a thousand words. How then would it be ignorance that resulted in a language that was formed of pictures, where you could see the story of what was written, rather than needing to trust in what was written to make the story.

    South american khipu, adopted by the inca.


    Celtic ogham, notice the medicine wheel in the calendar?


    Elder futhark and it’s changes.


    Notice that in the futhark and ogham, each symbol stood for something. So when you were writing you were still writing pictures, telling a story. It could be said that pictograms that are clear, are a higher level of writing, because you could see the story. Even now, pictograms are found and partially understood, even though the people are 1000s of years gone. Yet someone who can’t read english, can’t make heads or tails of it.

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