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  1. Anna Mae wasn’t raped. You don’t know what you’re talking about. This has more to do with DeMain and Giago’s big boners for white authority figures than any ‘romanitization’ of AIM. You have an obvious agenda to promote the feds bizarre version of Anna Mae’s execution. All the bullshit propaganda you spew, can’t change the truth – Anna Mae was executed by federal agents to send a message to any ndn who thinks he can stand up against the colonial powers of the united mi$takes of amerikkka. It’s sell outs like you who romanitcize white authority. Nobody said AIM was perfect, but they were right about every issue they’ve raised over the last 40 years. I’ll believe anything an AIM member says before I’ll believe some fool who trusts the us gov to tell the truth. Keep writing their black propaganda, the truth will all come out one day and everyone will know what scum Price is.

  2. Angry ndn-granted no one is perfect, nor is any entity, but that is neither license or
    an excuse for the abduction, rape, beating, and murder of woman-a mother of

    I think that the testimony of multiple witnesses has great credibility unless you’re attempting to say they are all federal agents-I think Graham’s countless stories and their revisions speak for themselves, unless you have another explanation-like
    dementia, alzheimers, being a pathological liar attempting to save his ass, or some other mental disability.
    All the little armchair anarchist catch phrases like Amerikka and colonial powers are what really doesn’t alter the truth-they are the prefered response when no others exist, just as are these dead horse proclamations of the feds did it, it is reminiscent of Tattoo and the grating “the plane boss, the plane” from Fantasy Island, and is as much a fantasy.
    Maybe it is assumed that some measure of credibility eventuates due to them, but the truth is that credibility comes only with recognition and acceptance of fact.
    The fact is that in the reality of governmental policies and the devastating impact they have had on indigenous people I have little respect or romantic illusions for or about them-but the same can be said of those who have murdered women for their own agenda- and it is the same AIM that the Lakota Oyate addressed and denounced in their 1999 statement-below is a link provided for that, and I assume in your
    devotion to AIM you will likewise have to call them romantic sellouts or all the standardized bs about feds etc-but I would sidestep that if I were you.
    You say the truth will come out one day-the reality is that has, and is, and apparently you have a real issue with that. If you are willing to believe everything an AIM member has to say you must be really confused by those former members who don’t have much complimentary to say, more so by the jumbled, and often times incoherent statements and accusation various chapters direct at each other-so good luck with that.
    You’re more than welcome to offer opinion here, and it will be posted and responded to-the condition is that it amounts to something more than a rant, something coherent that be discussed-if that isn’t possible don’t waste your time or mine, and save the posturing for whatever groupies you are able to attract.


  3. Something that’s always puzzled me and never heard anyone who is of the
    fed’s did it persuasion address is for all this fed execution misdirection one
    thing that has always stood in glaring opposition to that is Peltier-if he is such
    a “hero” and attempted to “stand up” to the colonial powers how is it that he
    made it back from Canada, or even more so from his escape, a golden opportunity
    for them to take him out if that was what they wanted wouldn’t you say?
    And I have serious reservations about the Standing Deer account-we are to
    believe he is enlisted to murder Peltier in prison, betrays his handlers, and yet he too
    somehow remained alive- I look at that in the same light as I do the tales of
    Annie Mae being seen alive after she was murdered.
    One other point-if every AIM members word is inviolate, beyond repudiation,
    what a quandry it must present with the Mr.X story when even AIM members have
    exposed it for the lie it is.

  4. “the truth will all come out one day and everyone will know what scum Price is” – on that and ONLY on that I can agree, Angry Person.

    Let’s use knowledge and right to ASK – and we’ll never be foolish even when called fools.
    A fool says what he knows, and a wise man knows what he says.
    A fool is his own informer …
    Words must be weighed, not counted.
    Your tongue is like a horse-if you take care of it, it takes care of you; if you treat it badly, it treats you badly.
    A man’s ruin lies in his tongue.

    Wherever you go, you can’t get rid of yourself.
    Applies to all who started and participated in Wounded Knee 1975 …

    So maybe you will be happy to help answers to those few questions then, Angry One:

    1. What’s been driving those who at 1975 been buying guns, alcohol and drugs – which as we know are “legalized” and strictly controlled by government WHICH is FBI,CIA and other institutions that kind?
    FROM WHO ye buy such things if NOT from government?
    (There, where are drugs, alcohol and guns – there’s in NO freedom.
    Only fear, lies, greed and violence coming from addiction and numbed minds.
    And we KNOW it all has been there – even Mr Means wrote about it in his book. Not mentioning his condition after using those – recorded on videos from that time, now can be easily seen on ytb)

    2. Why SIGN up deal with them(feds/government)?
    Why allow them to buy Sacred Place, Black Hills at 26 June 1975(Richard Wilson, Chief or Pine Ridge) – which are mined for enriched uranium which is used to make nuclear weapon, A-Bombs mostly?
    And after so many years shout this place been stolen?
    If it was SOLD?
    It was sold during Wounded Knee II.
    Ye wish to say AIM had no idea – if they “were” fighting against digging uranium?
    (Floyd Westerman and his song “I told them” – not mentioning his brother is one suspected to murder Ray Robinson – at least some rumors floating around whisper so)

    3. What Annie Mae could REALLY know -that in spite all now assuring about great love to their sister and that all been best friends and brothers –
    THEY all (AIM leaders) accused her of being spy, turncoat ?
    WHAT she could tell Federals what they already wouldn’t knew?
    Or rather – what she was able to tell Oyate about AIM and Federals?

    4. Why Natives -Graham and Arlo – are accused of and raping, beating and executing her with note – following orders?
    Who’s orders? Federal orders?
    (oh, don’t tell it was about confirming Peltier’s guilt – he was arrested anyway and accused without that confirmation.)

    5. Is that what ye do to yer sister and lover?
    (yes, Dennis Banks “Smooth Talker “betrayed his wife and slept not only with Annie…)

    6. That’s why ye avoiding speaking of yer sister who was MEMBER of AIM ?
    7. That’s why ye never try to cooperate with daughters of sister who was “murdered by feds” – so common enemy ?
    8. Why it seems it was common interest of AIM AND Federals to keep silence?
    Incomplete autopsy, second done on request, no one on burial, no one visiting grave except daughters and friends?
    No one asking with daughters to explain that murder and find Justice?
    For about 30 years?

    “If you done no Evil -no Demon will knock to yer doors.”

    And I am NOT able to spread any Feds propaganda -from simple reason -I am outsiders, never seen any fed except Mulder and Scully – and most of questions and doubts I have – came to me after reading Russell means, Leonard Peltier and Dennis Banks books about Wounded Knee event.
    So IF I , in your opinion , spread here such thing – that would prove THEY been working/cooperating with Feds – which is kind of truth looking at presence and story of Dennis Banks and Douglas Durham for example.
    And story that (in ’70!!) FBI was giving their agents colored contact lenses – as Mr Banks states that’s (and black dye on hair) what confused him and made him believe Durham is Indian…
    (Maybe too much peyote during ceremonies in CrowDog Paradise? As clearly can be seen here and there those who say descendants of Leonard CR now offering “peyote healing journey”…)

    So myself I am curious – not only because treaty signed that time devastated people and made their lives even more miserable that before – but because in my country we had similar events – with SAME consequences for people.

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