3 comments on “Two Currents

  1. When someone is the victim, and they want justice, they want the truth known.

    To bring truth to what has happened, is in a way, it’s own form of justice. The worse the injustice, the greater the need for truth.

    All people want truth, all people want justice. But bring justice, brings truth, and the truth in this case brings a darkness. And it takes strength to face that darkness.

    There is a weakness in all of us, that we can stomp down, or let flourish, that shies away from truth. It is a weakness born of the darkness in all of us.

    To see the truth in others, requires that we see the truth in ourselves. If we do not see the truth in ourselves, we believe our lies. In turn we believe the lies of others, and there is no justice.

    When a person lives a happy healthy life, they are at peace. I feel that to bring peace to the people, is to bring happy healthy lives to the people.

    There is no true happiness, no peace, in lies, weakness, or injustice.

  2. Well said-an honest critique of not just others, but of oneself, is a mechanism that
    lends itself to balance. There is no requirement for vindictiveness in doing so-only
    Some would say it is judgemental and launch into a dissertation about that-but I
    say every opinion we form is based on a judgement in some manner or another-what
    defines that is the nature in which it is arrived at.
    We are both more and less than we are inclined to believe of ourselves. I suppose
    that is natural phenomena-we shouldn’t expect more of another than we do of
    ourselves, at the same time we shouldn’t accept less.
    There is a finite quality to life- the days, years, and events that comprise it, what we
    do during our sojourn here is thee record we will leave, the book we will all write-better for it to be worthy of reading.

  3. Every opinion has some observance in it, therefor every view has some truth. Whether it is a drop or the full truth is sometimes very hard to see. The heart knows what the mind can’t fathom, and the mind reasons when the heart is distressed.

    There is a balance built into everything, and that balance is built on truth, and brings more truth with it. I am hard pressed to find an instance when justice wasn’t brought about by truth. So that leads me to the conclusion that justice requires balance. The heart knows this, and always has. There are times when our minds forget, but the heart never does.

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