One comment on “PATRIOTS

  1. Couldn’t help but think of the o’reilly factor, pinheads and patriots. Us vs them. Fair and balanced, yeah right.

    Once again, great post. This division everywhere you turn is something that must be brought to light.

    There is a song, titled “Meet in the middle”. Where the lyrics state, “I start walkin’ your way, you start walkin’ mine, we’ll meet in the middle”.

    To me this speaks of the joining of a man and woman, the two halves making a whole. But it can be carried into more than that. That petty arguement you had with your neighbor, the fight you had with your parents, the disagreement you had with coworkers, every aspect of life.

    We need to work more to meet in the middle, find the common ground, and work together.

    This division only results in everyone standing alone.

    Patriotism speaks to our past as tribes. Our tribe above all others. There is a good aspect to that, but it can quickly turn bad, if not kept in check.

    A woman, in her wisdom, once told me that i think in “I” when i should be thinking in “WE”. She was spot on, and speaks to being a divisionist attitude.

    WE live on our mother the earth, what WE do effects others.

    This attitude of us above all others is nothing new, but neither is unity.

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