2 comments on “A SIMPLE QUESTION

  1. ” Children will inherit what we leave them and the examples we have set-it is time to think of those things. ”

    I think it is as you said about my post about “little stone” Rezinate:

    “I can’t help but think of the little ones with these words “little stone”, they
    will have so much to contend with not only as children but as adults – an unfair
    burden placed upon them by the rez, government policy, absent or dysfunctional
    parents, poverty, and those who corrupt tradition and ceremony for the limelight.
    It is a great sadness, and if this generation will not become the avalanche for
    change- hopefully they will.”


    I dare to believe there’s more and more of those little stones – as there’s always thin red line which liars crossing – as they are too blind about themselves to see damage and suffering they causing – and youngest and purest generation says “Enough!”. I hope his time it will be great avalanche of at least several generations – Elders, who suffered too much, us who see all this wrongdoing and youth/ children who feel, who KNOW it is wrongdoing and they won’t agree to live in world/ reality like this anymore 🙂

    When dictatorship is a fact, revolution becomes a right.
    Victor Hugo

    And I guess all of us have enough dictatorship of liars, manipulators and selfish cowards 🙂

  2. I think more and more it is about accepting mediocrity as a worthy goal-I see no
    worthy leadership in AIM-the value it has is those whose names you never hear.
    The ones content to serve their people and not write books, give long winded
    speeches, offer the wisdom only they would have you believe they possess, the
    ones who know that it is the work done rather than the name.
    How fitting that those who wallow in this medocrity now see the decades of lies
    being exposed, the personal cachet they laboured so many decades to create
    coming unraveled, and to know the legacy they leave will not be seen as they one
    they would have.
    In talking with the children of friends I at times will mention some of these names
    and ask if they know of this person-they do not, and that is good and as it should be.
    Conversely I can mention the name of leaders past, of Annie Mae, and they know
    who I am speaking of-that is a good thing as well.
    These ones Giago, the others I have cited, and myself have spoken of have stolen an entire generationand it’s right to be who they are are -they will not steal this next generation of little stones. That is more than a good thing-it is justice.

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