1. Thank you, Rezi, for posting this information. I will continue to provide info through the moccasin ‘media’.

  2. Nea’ese Anakis-I can’t imagine any would find such as this credible, but
    am reminded some do when I think of other things-it is a sadness that
    doesn’t speak well of people.

  3. I posted a comment to straight.com Re-capping a conversation today: there are specific news articles that pique my interest. I read and absorb; ponder and decide. It’s usually a gut feeling whether to delve further or let it be. So, where is the balance? Should we continue to expose those who are abusers and frauds? Is it a battle of mind and heart?….and when do we let go?

  4. Anakis……….
    I think letting go is an individual decision-one to be measured as
    an act of reciprocity. There has been a huge imbalance for decades,
    one fueled early on by the media’s pandering to AIM and willingness
    to be led as illustrated by their so called coverage during WK2.
    Add to that celebrities producing “mocumentaries”, countless
    books based on what the author was spoon fed, endless lies and
    propaganda, the unwillingness by associated players to let go and balance
    the account in telling the truth.
    If it weren’t for indigenous journalists like Paul DeMain and
    a growing number who have pursued the balance of truth of justice
    I doubt anything would have been accomplished.
    Denise and Debbie haven’t let go, and the benefit of that has been
    clearly shown-war criminals have been pursued for longer periods of time
    and inevitably held to account-since AIM, Graham, and the like, habitually
    refer to and liken themselves to warriors, soldiers fighting a war, then let
    them be pursued in the same manner and likewise held to account for the
    war crimes they have committed.
    There is, and always will be, a segment of society that will embrace
    any conspiracy theory-if everyone with even the remotest participation
    in Annie’s murder were to admit their role these conspiracy lovers
    would still refuse to accept the truth.
    That probably can’t be changed-but when they speak balance requires
    a response, and I believe failing to do so is to deny the heart more
    than the mind, for the heart has a language of it’s own and would always
    hear the truth-save those that have been blackened.
    I am inclined to think of Annie Mae’s murder and all that has eventuated
    in the aftermath as an assault on tradition and culture-genocidal in that
    context, and if we would speak of saving the language and the ways for
    children and generations to come we cannot let go of this-it is a duty
    and a responsibility.
    Personally I think you do well to address the issues where you find them,
    our counterparts have availed themselves of every possible venue accessible
    to them and we should do likewise-even a seed borne by the wind often finds
    a place to grow, and we all should be a wind that sows the seeds of truth.

  5. We’lalin Rezinate, for your support and words of wisdom. There are issues and ‘battles’ to address every day, whether they are personally our own, within our communities, nationally, or from a global perspective. How we approach the correction of those issues, and still maintain balance and a positive influence seems to be the key. One cannot be a catalyst for change from ego or an angry heart, to counteract the ignorant. Sometimes we may become frustrated, emotions come into play, and we have to take a step back in order to see the overall situation….blending wisdom and heart, we can make significant change.

  6. Anakis-
    I have a tendency to take such “battles” personally, I have my reasons for that,
    and as you say I often have to take a step back, but it has nothing to do with ego or
    wisdom for me-only commitment.
    I claim no wisdom, more likely a lack of it, though it is a kindness for you to say
    so, I have no “education”, having been fortunate to make it out of the seventh grade,
    but I have a desire not to be a victim, or embrace and perpetuate victimization.
    In that I have a desire for change and better circumstance for those I care about
    and the nations- and an unwillingness to accept excuses intended to validate what
    is unacceptable.
    We are all related-it is becoming a trite cliche, a blanket for celebrities to wrap themselves
    in, but I believe it and attempt to conduct my life accordingly-in that
    it is personal when my “sister” Annie Mae was was raped and murdered, or any
    of my brothers and sisters are injured or abused, in being a man I am compelled to answer
    the bell.
    It is the way of men-the role assigned to us by Creator-and our duty to execute it
    in as balanced a way as we are capable of. Sometimes we succeed, sometimes we
    fail, but hopefully each of us tries to the best of ability.
    Neither men nor women can singularly create balance-only the two currents flowing
    together-a truth that illustrates and stands in opposition to the majority of what we
    see in this day and time- not only only globally but on every rez as well where drunken
    men wave beer cans and speak of native pride or call themselves warriors. And celebrities
    bestow undeserved names on themselves while checking their bank accounts.
    Or women who shame themselves in offering their bodies for another opportunity
    to get drunk or high, and in the midst of all this children have another stone added to the
    burden they must carry.
    You speak a truth, and perhaps it is that I am not strong enough to always adhere
    to it.

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