2 comments on “A PEOPLE’S MOVEMENT

  1. It was a very interesting show that Clyde orchestrated from the Rosebud last week. He denounced ALL AIM chapters except Florida and Texas AIM………… I wonder how all of the other AIM supporters throughout the country are taking this ‘official ousting’ by AIM FOUNDER Clyde Bellecourt. Kinda leaves all of the AIM self appointed soldiers/ supporters without a cause, country, or leadership that will stand behind them.
    This leaves all the up and coming kids, the ‘AIMSTA GANGSTA’S’ as they refer themselves as …out in the cold……….A GOOD THING!
    Time that this ‘Hijacked Movement’ take on a ‘New Face’, a new purpose with NEW LEADERSHIP, FOR THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE & OF THE PEOPLE.
    As I stated on this show to Clyde…It is time for the ‘NEW FACE OF AIM TO EMERGE’.
    It has been for a long time coming, and may the truth prevail!
    Peace…. Barbara Nixon

  2. Apparent that Clyde, Russell, etal are firmly entrenched-they’ve had decades
    to do so and vigorously employed the propaganda mill, the internet, the
    media and even the written published word to facilitate that.
    Having done so in such a proficient manner I am of the opinion it could
    be offered as curriculum in the “institutes of higher education”. This new
    face will hopefully emerge in their passing, though I am sure it will lead to
    more of the internal power struggles so characteristic over the years and there
    are well groomed proteges in the wings.
    It isn’t about the entity, or the names associated with it-only the benefit produced-
    the thing they seem never to have understood.
    Since the good work is done by those who labor in anonymity let whatever
    leaders there are do likewise.
    And again-if they would call themselves leaders and patriots let them lead
    the pursuit of justice for Annie Mae, Ray Robinson, and every abused woman,
    child, and elder among the nations-let them speak as loudly, clearly, and often
    about these things as they do about about themselves and the selective topics
    they pick and choose from.
    Let them take credit for doing the above rather than government funded
    programs and organizational licensed entities. If they love the people, if they
    are AIM, then forthrightly address the issues AIM has, and the accusations
    leveled at it-do so with something other than the fed, CIA, we are targets and
    victims bs-break new ground as a “movement of the people”.

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