1. Thank you, Rezinate, for addressing this issue, on the anniversary of the murder and assassination of MLK. Ray Robinson believed in social change, not only for African Americans, but for all people who were victims of oppression. AIMsters treated him like Nazis having rounded up a Jewish person in their midst, barking commands, not allowing him to finish his breakfast, and demanded him to jump to their every command, including taking up arms for their cause, which he refused to do. This is what he was killed for; his voice for justice, and advocacy groups and organizations have never stepped up to the plate in support of him. Shame on them for their pathetic apathy.

  2. Perry Ray Robinson Jr. was an activist before activism was even in. He was part of the Montreal to Guantanamo Bay march led by Barbara Deming in the 1960s and from which the book “Prisons That Could Not Hold” was published by the University of Georgia Press in 1995 noting both his, and Crazy Al Cooper’s time spent in jail in Albany, Georgia because white and black people were not suppose to be walking around together, certainly not in Georgia in the 1960s. I would like Dennis Banks, Carter Camp, Leonard Crow Dog, Harry David Hill (Mr. X) and Stan Holder, AIM/Wounded Knee 73 Security/Leaders who apparently felt dissed by the “uppity nigger” to understand that repatriation of remains is not just a one-way avenue — no matter what the circumstances. And if, as Peltier spokesman, Silent Bear (Mark Holtzman) says, he heard it was an “accident” then why the fear over repatriation — and why was he even buried in Wounded Knee by Floyd Westerman’s younger brother, Christ, if that was the case? I have a hard time fathoming how anybody, would want to bury a Black man under any circumstances at Wounded Knee, South Dakota unless they thought that would somehow bring some credibility to the accusations that White people and the U.S. government are some of the most insensitive human beings around…. unless of course…. several fingers are pointing back.

  3. Forty three years is a long time-I suspect if MLK were alive today he
    would have had something to say about all this Anakis. An appropriate
    comparison-Nazi’s-one I’ve used often myself-not a nickels worth of
    difference between them.

    Some good information Paul, and not commonly known-an “accident”, “he
    was never there”, “he was there but just kind of disappeared”, “he was shot
    but don’t know what happened after that”-“never spoke to Cheryl, don’t know
    who that lady is”-not verbatim, paraphrased, and doesn’t do justice to the
    real comments.

    We pray and offer daily for there to be and end to all this-for the nations
    to be freed of the burden and scourge these “warriors” have been. They have
    been a destructive force rivalled by few.

  4. Happened upon this..thanks for it being here..I met Ray Robinson’s daughter in DC in 1998 0r ’99 at a Peltier rally. We sat on the grass and talked for a long time..and I learned the story of her dad. I was appalled then that the family had never been given a word of real information..and I suppose that this is still the case? Prayers will be said for the family..and for all involved…….

  5. Hotke-I’m not privy to any information given to Ray’s family-but I do know in
    the twelve or so years you date your experience from more has come to light.
    It is a case that should have been resolved years ago, and the apparent lack of
    advocacy as mentioned above remains a mystery to me.
    I believe that more indictments will be forthcoming in the aftermath of Graham’s
    conviction, and that there will be further revelations regarding Ray’s murder. It’s
    well established in various statements credited to witnesses at the event that he was
    shot, to then say no one knows what happened to him after that, or to suggest that
    as a wounded man he just walked off, abandoned his wife and children, and has
    never been seen or heard from by anyone is not only ludicrous, but typical of the
    AIM tales.
    I would encourage you to visit the Indigenous Women for Justice and the News From
    Indian Country sites for information regarding both Ray and Annie-I would also
    encourage you to speak of these things when an opportunity presents itself, for all
    we know it could create a “butterfly effect”, and in it’s passage resonate with the
    right person in the right place to produce something positive.

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