4 comments on “THE INSIDER ?

  1. Idea of “true insider” became at last option to consider – who was real snitch and who helped Douglas Durham be actually one of leaders of AIM during WK2?
    Who cooped with Gov/ Feds giving way to sell Black Hills, establish gun/drugs/alcohol business ( so youth gangs now we have) … who is oppressor, traitor, servant and who is really victim – on first place asking for all names of those who died there, then those arrested , then those who weren’t arrested … and those who keeping quite “solid fortunes” (just for shouting and talking) while rest of nation is or very poor and stuck in reservations or is working very hard and honest way(work not talk) to live their lives with dignity and help others ….

  2. Your words certainly initiates food for thought. One person comes to mind, who made a statement awhile back, ‘The guilty dog barks first’; quite appropriate in this case. Little did he know at the time that he was eating his own words and implicating himself, or maybe he did.

  3. stone feather:
    You make many valid points and raise an equal number of valid
    questions-one in particular seems to imply that in the gang persona
    AIM exhibited lays the roots of youth related gang issues in this
    The history of alcohol fueled “ceremonies”, of substance abuse,
    murders, theft, drug dealing, intimidation, speaks to a gang behavior
    and mentality among AIM during that time are too well known
    for any to suggest they did not have an impact, as they were an erosive
    force chipping away at the fabric of tradition and culture.
    It is as Trimbach states, a mafia attitude in every aspect.
    There are many influences to be examined, but this one ranks among
    those at the top. One needs only to study events and communal conditions
    during the time dating from the formation of AIM to the presence to be made
    aware of the decline.
    Heroes, selfless leaders and warriors? Never.

  4. Anakis;

    I like this aphorism of the barking dog in the context you use it- a characteristic
    that forever seems to plague such people is that they often have to dine on their
    own words.
    You would think after a few such meals they would pause first-but they
    seem to so love the sound of their own voice they are either incapable of doing
    so, or of the opinion that volume will always trump memory.
    It is the arrogance of fools-those who think they are larger than life.
    Food for thought? If so hopefully something people will chew on for a while and
    not accept or dismiss out of hand.

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