6 comments on “Geronimo-Bin Laden

  1. We are not happy with this code name but a grandfather has said
    these words you put here say to look beneath the surface of this
    water where it is deeper and know there is much to be unhappy about,
    and we see it is so.

  2. I like this-and would add the reflection we should also see is when we look in the
    face of another and see they are clothed, fed, housed, and have a measure
    of peace, comfort, and equity.

  3. Reblogged this on undiscoveredrealms and commented:
    Should any be accepting of a reality that reduces the status of women to property? A property that can be publicly flogged at whim by “religious police”, or physically mutilated for some perceived transgression?

    Should it be found acceptable that in their desperation women will resort to self immolation? I think the answers to these questions are obvious-especially when similar attitudes exists toward indigenous women, when they are marginalized to the extent that a young high school age girl states in a interview dealing with rape and abuse on the rez, “that’s just the way it is”.

    The question becomes not only is this America’s fight, but also one of whether indigenous people should take part in it? The decision to do so is, and should be, an individual one.

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