7 comments on “WOW-AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Does anybody actually attempt to fact check and verify anything contained in these video commentaries-or does arrogance just assume whatever is said will be taken as gospel?

    I do… and I am sure WE are not alone with that, Rezinate 😀
    That maybe not manifesting their presence so strong – but there’s a LOT of people, not only indigenous but also outsides – who see and FEEL all this what AIM Peltier, Means, Banks, Crow Dog, Goodwolf and those many others bringing shame and embarrassment to your people – are liars and cowards trying to pretend to be educated and sophisticated – and that in fact and honestly , carefully looking at all they done and doing – it has NOTHING to do with who REAL TRUE Indigenous Americans are.

  2. Russell has orchestrated his own self-initiated grand-standing for over 39 years, so he’s certainly good at it….and an “actor” to boot, spewing forth lies; manipulating lawyers and judges; only sheeple would buy into this fantasy. Sagely wisdom? Never. He has always demanded media attention, as well as DB; neither of them would make a move at WK2 unless media cameras were there, to capture every word and movement…..and so it goes on, with ROL and long walks.

  3. One of my native relatives who is is a Polish writer, journalist and publisher; born in 1937 – said this thing:


    So it amazes me how slaves of their own lies and illusions, named above – can actually be so arrogant and shameless to speak about freedom- something they have no idea about except their own deprived and twisted, selfish imaginations.
    . It is like blind speaking about colors, deaf speaking about music. Yes, they can have glimpse of it – but it is distant and not truly and fully possible for them to feel and understand it…

  4. Good points, stonefeather. I guess we should be thankful they are not toting guns and dynamite. Their criminal mentality and over-blown egos are wreaking enough havoc today.

  5. Important that people will independently seek to verify as there isn’t an orchestrated
    instrument in this song that’s playing in tune, and the vocalizing is painfully off
    Apparently none of the millions mentioned was spent on voice or instrument

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