1. Nice one, Rezinate. I’m not sure what he has to complain about. Didn’t he pillage, steal, and destroy homes, property, livestock, and businesses during WK2? As the old saying goes, ‘what goes around comes around’…..and all he is worried about is his pots and copper tubing; never another human life?

  2. Well Anakis-it’s those hard choices concerning “collateral damage” that
    “liberators” unfortunately all too often have to make.
    So a few homes got burned and ransacked- a business or few plundered
    and torched-an old man gets tossed out in the street with only his wheelchair,
    an elderly couple stripped of their possessions and held hostage,a civil rights
    worker gets shot and left to bleed out then to be buried in unmarked graves as
    did others, a young mother gets abducted, beaten, raped, and murdered to be left
    in a ravine-acceptable when viewed in the larger context-consider all the benefits,
    and how not only the knee, but PR in general have prospered in the aftermath-not
    to mention those “liberators”.

  3. When is he going to post an award for the recovery and return of Perry Ray Robinson’s remains from Wounded Knee, South Dakota where he had Christian “Cris” Westerman bury him? I wouldn’t doubt that he reported the theft of his precious pots to the police, becoming a defacto “Pig, Rat Turncoat and Scout” by AIM’s own definition. Just like Vernon Bellecourt who went to the FBI in Rapid City, South Dakota to report to them that somebody had sent him a spade or shovel thru the mail in 2004, just before Arlo Looking Cloud’s trial with a note telling him to use it. He took the “alleged death threat” it to the FBI, which seems typical of the AIM leadership from what we are beginning to learn — I “suspect” and am finding some small clues of substance to the claim that the leadership of AIM gave up the shooter of the 2 FBI agents, in return for a quiet life against charges they killed a Black civil rights worker and others in Wounded in 1973.

  4. Skabewis:
    “Pig, Rat Turncoat and Scout”-as serious as all the issues are I can’t help
    but laugh at how appropriately you employ their own words. The shovel
    “death threat” is equally hilarious in that context and so descriptive of
    the reality of who they been-yes, run to the feds behind a shovel while
    claiming they are responsible for everything that happens, and AIM merely
    a victim.

    ” I “suspect” and am finding some small clues of substance to the claim that
    the leadership of AIM gave up the shooter of the 2 FBI agents, in return for a
    quiet life against charges they killed a Black civil rights worker and others in
    Wounded in 1973.”

    I am not surprised in the least by this -as you know, I believe there has been
    at least one long term “insider” who has informed and dealt for their
    continued immunity. For the moment though it is speculation on my behalf
    and I attempt to treat it as such, understanding that at times speculation is a
    hint of a truth later to be revealed.
    If, and I say IF, this has merit it may well explain the lack of the black
    leaderships push for resolution regarding Ray-I would sincerely hope
    such is not the case.
    I know there is no need to tell you keep punching, but I would say so
    anyway-someone once said to me when in a fight if you can’t beat them
    outright, then outlast them. That may well be what all this comes down
    to-attrition, and who outlasts the other.

  5. I believe, but only a theory, there are several AIMsters that are padding their pockets with FBI hand-outs. No one mentions JT, who turned, as a prosecution witness after 20 plus years. Just a thought.

  6. Anakis:
    To begin with I think it is a credible theory that will play out over time
    as grand juries and investigators wend their way through the process. It
    may at some point become so obvious that the lack of admission won’t have
    any meaning at all.
    The padding of pockets has at least been an historical reality when you
    consider federal money that was applied for and received-if there is another
    side to the story it will be difficult at best to bring to light, and will make for
    an even greater convolution then presently exists.
    Increasingly so for me the larger stretch is to accept a scenario that either
    rejects this possibility or fails to consider it.
    If some pact were made, as has been alluded to, that AIM leadership
    gave up the “shooter” of two federal agents in exchange for immunity re wk2
    and the murders there, the principals are forever bound to each other and
    neither can roll over the other without exposing and condemning themself.
    On the surface that isn’t much of an enticement-and leaves one to hope
    as an act of discovery, old age and a guilty conscience, or perhaps a third
    party who has knowledge without actual involvement would step forward.
    While I have no doubt physical threats may still exist they can no longer
    be the first choice with the present level of scrutiny and awareness.
    Trudell made a statement in a video recording once that the thing to do
    in an effort to determine who was responsible for Annie’s murder was to
    round them all up and bring them in to get to the bottom of it-one of the
    few things he has said to say I agree with.
    Hopefully that is what the grand juries and investigators are working on,
    and the next round of indictments will do just that-and it will not
    require the passage of a few more decades.
    In this abuse of federal money I would like to stir the pot a little with a
    legal remedy/approach known as Qui Tam-something I will post about
    soon as a possibility and the potential that may exist within it’s framework
    to elicit a third party response or maybe even a complete roll over by someone.

  7. A good example, the 1974 murder case of Johnny Moore (Penobscot) called to testify in the trial of Stanley Neptune for running over the foot of a US Marshall at Wounded Knee in 1973. The District Attorney for Lincoln, Nebraska was running for Attorney General that year and allegedly said he didn’t want to have the same kind of “AIM” problems SD was having. (I will find his name). Johnny Moore’s death was determined by him to be a suicide, after they say he became despondent after being accused of being an FBI spy, and surrounded by AIM members, he slashed a knife so hard to his face it chipped his cheekbone, then severed his neck through his esophagus where upon he bled to death — all self-inflicted, the then dreaming to be Attorney General determined. It took years for his mother, Jeanne, family and tribe, (and still living at Indian Island, Maine in 2011) to have the case reviewed by a special commission of the State Patrol who then ruled it “probably homicide” several years later, by then — the evidence was history, and people scattered far and wide.

  8. To Skabewis,

    I’ve known a Stan Neptune, Penobscot, who is a wood carver, for many years. Same family?

  9. And so I would offer the same opinion as I have before-that the AIM
    leadership of that period seem to be custom made for prosecution
    under the Federal Rico statutes, and wonder why they haven’t been?
    Not only that, but I find something intrinsically wrong with convicted
    drug dealers presenting themselves at the UNPFII as representatives of
    any indigenous people anywhere while they speak about the youth and
    seven generations.
    The assignation of suicide in the case of Johnny Moore is about as
    asinine as Harold Camping’s dooms day predictions. Of interest to
    note also is that Johnny Moore’s death occurred at an AIM flop in

  10. Wisdom consists of ten parts: nine parts silence, and one part a few words.
    Examine what is said, not who is speaking.

    Setting the conditions before you make an agreement is better than having an argument in the middle of the work.

    He who wants to sell his honor will always find a buyer.
    Habit is the sixth sense that dominates the other five.
    Do not drink poison to quench a thirst.

    It’s better to have a thousand enemies outside of the tent than one inside the tent.

    ( this all are proverbs – but they fit AIM story so much I had to share them :D)

  11. I would add this to the list of quotes and say it is those liberators who love to quote Joseph’s “let me be a free man” that should quote this and take it to heart,for in view
    of their history and performance they have no right to talk.
    Appreciate the comments-good, one and all.

    “I am tired of talk that comes to nothing. It makes my heart sick when I remember all the good words and all the broken promises. There has been too much talking by men who had no right to talk.”

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