11 comments on “THREE CARD MONTE

  1. Rezinate, after watching Russel’s video, my first thoughts are “this man has lost it, mentally”. I need to gather my thoughts before responding to this one.

  2. I understand perfectly Anakis-a lot to digest. My initial reaction was
    one of stunned silence, soon to be replaced by anger and thinking
    who the hell does he think he is-the “Lord” of Oral Roberts?
    His FB, his “friends” and “fans”, he can do what he wants, hopefully
    they have the presence of mind to understand they can do likewise.
    I’d like to know how the demographics break down as to fb friends
    and fans-I suspect the majority would be composed of non indigenous,
    that has historically been his and AIM’s bread and butter.
    To me at least this in some ways seems more like a cry for help
    than a call for help.
    Ab asino lanam.

  3. So, he’s trying to play Three Card Monte. After all of Russell’s psycho-babble, maybe his next ploy will be the “Full Monty”. Hopefully, the Mexicans will turn their heads in disgust, the prairie dogs will consider their next meal, and FB friends?….I can’t see that that they would be enticed to offer any pledges of monetary assistance or donations at this appalling sight. He’s certainly past his prime for the moniker, “Lord of Oral”…..Roberts.

  4. This is a disgusting video and we cannot understand that anyone
    would say he speaks for their people.

  5. Ah – now we know WHO stole pots from last story! Prairie dogs, trained and sent by wicked Mexicans! *laugh*
    Eh- maybe they left some tequilla (thekilla) as gift in exchange – they just mistaken persons.
    Which is not hard as Russell Means and Dennis Banks looking now like Twin Towers (Brothers) of
    “WORDS Trade Center” – and this look is FAR away of what you could imagine as “indigenous red man”. 😀

  6. “If he ever goes for the ‘Full Monty’, I have my blindfold handy”
    Should be taken as sound advice Anakis, could be enough to make one go blind.

    Stonefeather-I think you have solved the crime and should be in line for
    that reward. “Words Trade Center” -it fits.

  7. Ekhm – I think I will mark myself as volunteer and “Sherlock Holmes humble follower” in that particular case – as I don’t even can imagine what could be reward in real – crate of maple syrup with autograph on every bottle and with handwritten annotation it’s equal in value to promised money? 😀

    Well..maybe if in return I could hear some answers about Wounded Knee 1975…maybe then I would decide to stand in line…(and BIG queue I suppose).
    Maybe then 😀

  8. Russell is certainly grasping at straws, but I can’t see how any issues that he posits in this video would raise his ‘attentionometer’ . Go prairie dogs!

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