5 comments on “WALKERS AND TALKERS

  1. A beautiful video and thought provoking blog. We don’t save the curdled milk,
    we throw it out.

  2. Amazing video, Rezinate. Some of our people have certainly forgotten our ‘Original Instructions’, which were given to each tribe to follow, as well as the teachings of the messengers and peacemakers, who came, offering a better way of life. In my culture, our respected Elders, Chiefs, and Faith Keepers, were chosen by the Clan Mothers, because of their integrity, personal responsibility, and spiritual guidance; to uphold our culture, traditional rituals, and ceremonies; a key holder so to speak. At the same time, we all have a choice; a personal responsibility, whether to accept that key. For some, it will unlock a fury of persecution and guilt, which is so easily masked-over by ego-driven behavior, lies, and deceit. The mask seems so much easier to maintain and present as a public image for those who are guilty, paranoid, or know too much. They have had years of experience, fueled and fed by the ignorance of many, so it becomes the norm….and such a comfortable position for them. Sad to say, those that support them are not far behind. We have been in a sorry state since 1968, and AIM is to blame. Thinking back to Cry of the Earth Conference at the UN in 1993, when representatives from seven nations released prophecies, and no one heard, or was listening, to what they had to say: ‘now is the time to work together, heal the pain of the past, accept personal responsibility, join together and work toward a common purpose, and heal ourselves and Mother Earth’. Sometimes the key to change cannot be found, because we are sitting on it.

    An insightful and appropriate quote from the UN conference of ’93, and
    all too apparently ignored by those who publish their own announcements about
    attending the UNPFII or would boast about previous visits where they “kicked
    the door down”.
    I’ve said for years ’68 was a seminal moment in the decline of the nations,
    and that a concerted effort was launched to usurp the role of elders and
    traditional leadership, it pleases me that I am not alone in this belief-hopefully
    there is a growing awareness that the actions of a few in many ways enslaved entire
    nations, and devastated a people as cruelly and effectively as did the Hotchkiss,
    field artillery, and repeating rifles.
    The doors that need to be kicked down are those of silence that “liberators”,
    false prophets, petty thugs, and upper level Assholes in Moccassins hide behind.
    Their’s are the traditions to usurp, the words to ignore, and the lies spoken as

  4. Very good words Rezinate, thank you.
    I think another quote from one of most wise and humble chiefs we shall remind are :

    I believe much trouble would be saved if we opened our hearts more.
    Chief Joseph

    I think another video to warm up hearts would be this one :

    “1200 pen pals from Six Nations and surrounding communities in Ontario, Canada gather to meet each other for the first time and form a gigantic white pine tree — the legendary “Tree of Peace” of the Iroquois Confederacy — with roots wrapping around the Earth. During the gathering the children planted the Pen Pal Friendship Forest at the Tim Horton Onondaga Farm celebrating the important role forests play in our lives. ”
    The Tree of Life is a universal symbol and brings us together as one people – when the children speak the world will heal… I believe.

  5. Sometimes the key to change cannot be found, because we are sitting on it.

    Best point I read Anakis!
    So time to Get UP, Stand UP , look around – and fight for our right to have conscious free will.
    To choose and decide what is good and serving whole community/ humankind equally for ourselves all together – as it used to be…
    No more usurpers, tyrants, dictators and facilitators, liars and manipulators…

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