1. Someone respected for telling the truth, what a concept.

    This is a common concept from murder, rape, and drugs, to young people spending time with people they know their parents don’t approve of.

    “You’re not going to tell are you, that’ll make you a snitch, you don’t want to be a snitch do you?”

    Yes i do, if it’s going to harm yourself or another, absolutely. Why? Because i care for your wellbeing.

    When caring, compassion, speak out, and living right recieve a reaction of banishment, something is seriously wrong.

    It seems so many have forgotten that loving someone sometimes means getting them in trouble.

    If they have done something to be punished for, maybe they should be punished, instead of excused.

  2. The counter offer? The sudden remembrance and glaring hypocrisy of
    calls for “handling it traditionally” when everything, every deed, has been
    an absolute corruption of traditions.
    If they wanted to handle it traditionally they had the opportunity to do
    so in ’99 when the elders issued their statement-but having no respect for
    tradition and doing everything in their power to usurp traditional leadership
    they couldn’t be bothered with that.
    Many good people in the rank and file of AIM, but they should have said
    enough long ago and taken control. They should do it now.

  3. ‘Many good people in the rank and file of AIM, but they should have said
    enough long ago and taken control. They should do it now.’ I’m sure there are still those who are AIM members, that are dedicated and whose motives are from a right mind and heart, but we never hear anything about them. I believe you are right, Rezi, in that there is still that black cloud of destruction that looms over the entire AIM movement today, due to the “leadership” criminals and ex-cons who coined the idea from their jail cells, to the one who they approached to be their faux “spiritual leader”; one who physically abused his wife and allowed drugs and alcohol during Sun Dance Ceremonies, to the murders, rapes, and every abuse possible they inflicted on their own people. The Native community will be dealing with the destruction, lies, deceit, and manipulation from these criminals for a long time to come. One wonders, how a handful of evil-doers, could wreak so much havoc, but we’ve seen the proof, not only with AIM leadership, but despots and dictators throughout the world. Power is fed by the ignorant who support them, believe their lies and promises, and buy in to the smoke and mirror mind-manipulation process. Those who fight tooth and nail for our people, and advocate for truth and right relationship, have a long, difficult battle ahead. My voice will be my armor; integrity will be my shield.

  4. “due to the “leadership” criminals and ex-cons who coined the idea from their jail cells”

    They would have you believe being a convicted felon is a provenance, a
    badge of honor and proof of being a victim-doesn’t matter what crime they
    committed or the circumstances surrounding it, it is bragging point. Doesn’t
    matter if it’s theft, robbery, or any other unrelated crime-it is to be taken as an
    act of a liberator, a freedom fighter.
    People stumble and fall, when they do they should learn from it and move on,
    rather than refining their game and delving into other areas.
    There are those who were imprisoned and yet accomplished great things like
    Nelson Mandela, or Mohandas Ghandi, who led their country to freedom, an
    inclusive freedom.
    The difference between Mandela, Gandhi, and the liberators is they had no guile,
    their priority was the people, not personal aggrandizement, and they were never
    common criminals.
    For all the talk of Crazy Horse, Sitting Bull and others, all the invocations
    of their names and words, I cannot imagine, nor do I believe anyone can
    claim there was ever a time when they would have ignored their own elders
    and traditions as the liberators have.
    I don’t believe they would have destroyed their own villages as was the
    case of WK2, I don’t believe their priority would ever have been to do
    drugs, alcohol, amass personal wealth, father children and leave them
    and their mothers to fend for themselves, or tell a single lie-which has
    been the staple.
    The fact that the liberators are even tolerated is a testament to decline,
    an exceedingly sad commentary of where the nations are at and where they
    have been. It is enough I think to cause even an avowed atheist to pray for the
    reality of a Creator and a higher justice to be meted out.
    The traditional leadership-the Lakota Oyate, said that AIM was nothing, that was
    a reference to the AIM leadership-they called them wannabe chiefs flying around
    the country, urban indians claiming to be leaders, corruptors of young girls, visitors of
    violence among their own, and exploiters of their own culture. They specifically said
    to Banks that marches mean nothing without the trust of the “grassroots oyayes and
    tiospayes” which he did not have…..what more is needed?


  5. we have read this oyate statement and would ask this same question
    what more is needed? and say thank you to these ones Anakis
    and nesotonohe for more good words to make us think.

  6. To Meoquane and Jess: As adults, we are the caretakers. We have been given instructions as well, through our Traditional teachings. Whatever decisions we make will affect seven generations yet to come. Some of us have failed, because we are human and we’re not perfect. What matters is if we can admit where we have failed, correct those mistakes, and provide a better life for our children, and their children. Thank you for your kind words.

  7. Yes this is so Anakis, and maybe it is as the women and the caregivers
    we are to look upon all the people as if they were our children to tend
    and to tell these unruly ones without the respect it is not the way of us.
    They are not heyokha, not the contrary to say the one thing and do the
    other for the lesson. But they have made many lessons and they not have
    been good ones.

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