5 comments on “THE ISSUE

  1. ‘I think Bank’s should be asked to reveal the findings of his for show AIM based “investigation” of ’76 (?) into the murder of Annie Mae that apparently evaporated, if it ever existed.’ Banks claims to have sent out three AIM investigators (who were they?) that came back and reported that AIM was not involved. Case solved (if it ever happened)….Next ploy, let’s blame it on the FED’s. That didn’t work, what do we do next? Let’s start pointing fingers at each other, whatever game works. Well, that didn’t get us too far because we were challenged on that, too. Now what. We pretend we are wise, spiritual elders, with no guilt whatsoever, supporting social and health causes that effect all people….and unfortunately, the game goes on, not only with our AIMster leaders, but with Tribal Governments as well. I don’t have the answers, but corruption is fueled by those who seek to promote their own egos and money in their pockets, no matter what the cost….so our people continue to suffer. Have people spoken up? Yes. Will it effect change?, that’s left to be seen.

  2. It’s about time that more women speak up. We have always had a strong influence, and have been a matriarchal culture and society, yet there was always a balance as well. Part of the un-balance today is that we need more strong women, who are able to conquer their fears, and find their voice again.

  3. “It’s about time that more women speak up”
    Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout-men have always been inclined to pick up
    the stick for a variety of reasons-if they won’t do it now, and can’t even be
    shamed into doing so then hopefully the women will en masse.
    It is a sad state of affairs that women would be compelled to, but that
    increasingly seems to the way of it.
    As to DB’s three investigators I wonder if that were Huey, Duey, and Louie,
    Larry, Moe,and Curly, or maybe the three blind mice?

  4. I should have said it’s about time that more women speak up, and by doing so, to also encourage our men to begin to take their rightful place as leaders, as fathers, and as viable members of the community; they too have a voice. It may our responsibility, as women, to be the catalyst for our men to wake up. If that message falls on deaf ears, then we have a choice; to choose that we will no longer accept abuse of ourselves, our children, family members, and Elders. There will continue to be years of healing for our Nations, but it begins with the women to initiate that healing.

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