3 comments on “THE NEW TRIBALISM

  1. An old saying comes to mind, unity in diversity, is it just a fallacy? Can we, as a people come together in unity and still accept our differences? You are right, Rezi. As a people divided, we fall, and play into the hands of the “liberators” and corrupt Tribal leaders as well; all those who sit back and laugh, and reap the rewards, because we have become a sick Nation, and healing ourselves will be a long time coming. ‘As an individual you will by your actions contribute to the health and well being of the people in one or another-that is the reality.’ As I have stated before, we, as individuals, have a choice, but we will always be accountable for those choices and our actions. I received a new friend message on FB recently, ‘I am hoping that we can both share and differ on opinion, and still be friends.’ Well spoken, from a Native man with a good heart and mind.

  2. I think Anakis that diversity among the nations has been one of the strengths, and
    I don’t believe it is written anywhere that diversity must lead to division. As individuals
    and a people we are accountable as you say for the choices we make -no one is excluded
    from that- including the liberators.
    If a person will not accept their own responsibility and accountability they can neither
    expect or ask it of another, but when they do, they have the right of expectation.
    It’s good to know that there are ones such as your new friend who understand that to differ
    in opinion is not to arbitrarily preclude friendship.
    A long road ahead, but as the adage states “the journey of a thousand miles begins with
    the first step.”

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