2 comments on “BY WHAT METRIC?

  1. The Catholic Church as invaders and conquerors of our culture and people have an abhorrible history that spans hundreds of years, in the decimation of our indigenous people on this planet we call Mother Earth. Any apology from the Vatican or the governments, I believe, are empty words. Nothing can atone for the history of injustice and torture; the murders and sexual/physical abuse, ordered through the Catholic hierarchy of kings and Popes, to their pawns of the Inquisition and the Crusades, descending throughout the years to the sexual and physical abuse by priests and nuns to innocent children in boarding schools, and is still prevalent today. The English Puritans, who were also under religious persecution, should have learned something from all of this. What did they do? They also turned on the Eastern Tribes. Without the knowledge and support of the Wampanoags, they would have never survived. But that’s another side of the same coin, for another time. The tribes on the Eastern coast of Turtle Island were subjected to the forced conversion in some cases, and the brain-washing of the Jesuits during the 1600’s. On the other hand, for some of the smaller bands of Algonquins, their only choice of survival, was to seek refuge with the missionaries. I find it hard to believe there are still people of our Western Tribal Nations, who fail to understand, that the Eastern Nations tried their best to hold our oppressors back. We took the brunt of the storm, so to speak, and some of our people were nearly wiped out, yet we continue to be subjected to lateral racism by some; being referred to as a people who have lost our culture. We are an indigenous Nation of many tribes, with our own cultural and spiritual teachings, who have always had a direct connection with the Creator. May that be an inspiration for all of our Nations to come together in acceptance of our cultural differences, and if we are willing to reach out, will provide a personal healing and comfort for many. As you have stated, we don’t require a middle man, nor do we have any need whatsoever to “confess” our human flaws and frailties in a box. Our church will never have four walls.

  2. it is a sad and inglorious history one that has driven a wedge between
    the nations as the result-“believers” and “savages”-both red but
    separated in many ways by that of a foreign cultural belief system
    and one indigenous to the people.
    A belief system that is anathema to everything we know that
    sustained and allowed us to flourish in our own way and in our own time.
    No weapons or armament are pointed in our direction in this time,
    no steel to impale or wound us, now it is that we would live at the
    expense of an erosive assimilating surrendering not only of our individual
    soul but the collective one of the nations.
    No nation in this hemisphere has escaped suffering and bleeding, it
    does not matter or make a discernible difference the time line or if at the
    hands of single shot muskets or repeating rifles and Hotchkiss canons-no
    nation in this hemisphere has escaped a continuation of suffering-if nothing else
    the commonality of a shared and familiar misery should create a bond that looks
    beyond tribes.
    Death and suffering are not a competition-losses and numbers are
    not things to compare or bestow bragging rights over,for in the end whatever
    the numbers the loss was the same for all and the impact no less devastating.
    Poverty, oppression, and deprivation are not an entitlement owned by
    any nation-they have been, and continue to be a shared experience.
    Entire nations have been eradicated-others pushed to the brink and it is a sad
    thing that they haven’t the remembrance and notoriety of those advanced by
    Hollywood or youtube videos.
    The genocide and the resistance began on the eastern shores-to forget that or
    fail to honor it is a betrayal of all that the nations have been-of every sacrifice
    ever made by any indigenous person-it is a fool’s game I will have no part of.

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