1. With reference to Clyde Bellecourt’s Native roots. On Clyde’s Birth Certificate He is identified as 3/16 Chippewa.. His father Charles is listed as 1/8 Chippewa and his mother Angeline bears a 1/4 listing of Indian blood. The same held true for Vernon as they had the same mother and father. Their bloodline is more French than anything else or ‘WHITE’… 13/16ths white. So how is it that a bunch of ‘WHITE MEN’ hijacked a whole race of people and a movement for Native Americans. These guys have controlled the lives and destinies for over 40 years pitting people against each other and creating havoc regarding race and blood quantum. Who is AIM and who is Goon’. Who is white and who is black. We live in a society that is a melting pot of every different kind of race. Maybe 200 years ago the things that Russell means is talking about could be accomplished pertaining to ‘Pure Breeding’ bot now those words are only inflamatory, not only to White people, but to every race that supports them, These words coming from Russel’s mouth bring to mind of another time from the mouth of a dictator by the name of Adolf Hitler. Even their own leadership is more white than native…how stupid and ignorant this is. How is it that they have managed to control who is native and who is not? Just as Adolf Hitler was not Arian… these people are not Native.They have made racial, gender and comments to people of all races and still have followers. They made them to me. They have been involved with the most egregious of acts and have gotten away with it. Racism period is against the law…. How is it that these guys have been able to get away with this stuff for so many decades without anyone touching them legally or judicially……HMMMMM… No one will touch them…why? As far as their incorporation status… in 2002 it was brought to light by AIMs then Attorney Susan Aausin, that AIM had not been incorporated since 1968 when they originally filed. That their incorporation status had lapsed becaue they had not held quarterly meetings… did not have a board of directors, and had not filed corporate taxes. In examining their status now, Clyde Bellecourt’s name is on the entity alone. The entity is listed as ‘perpetual’. How Cyde managed that I dont know because when I reviewed AIMs status in 2003 they were listed as dissolved and Vernon’s name .was on the filing. So while AIM was out and about during the 70’s 80’s and 90’s creating havoc, collecting donated monies… these ‘WHITE GUYS’ weren’t even an incorporated group having the right to do so…. legally …..As far as breeding and ‘REZ DOGS’ are concerned… any geneticist will tell you that ‘inbreeding’ isn’t a good idea That when inbreeding is practiced the weaknesses that are present will manifest themselves eventually creating a weaker group of offspring, and as far as I know ‘REZ DOGS’ are the strongest, meanest, hardiest domesticated animal I know of. They were bred to survive…………..so much for that Russ…………. Peace ….Barbara Nixon

  2. Here we go again, the perfect example of lateral racism against our own Nations by Russell Means; the pot calling the kettle black, red, white; whatever. Interesting, that Russell now claims that people of ALL nations are welcome into his hierarchy of his own creation, ROL. Sounds similar to the Rev.Jim Jones plan to me, who also funded AIM, and I believe once asked Dennis Banks to join them. AIM, as you have stated has a destitute character and a soiled reputation. They will grasp at as many straws as they can; they are sinking into the bog of eternal stench of their own making, so I’m not surprised this is their latest ploy, and I’m keeping track.Trying to claim women, specifically Annie Mae, who they tortured, raped, and murdered, as an honorary badge, is not only deplorable, but is proof of their evil manipulation and intentions. Maybe Russell Means is the next Jim Jones?

  3. Anakis-The all nations invitation is little more than a ploy to avoid confronting the citizens
    who believe they hold title to the land the RoL would claim, and avoiding having
    to attempt to issue an eviction notice-which would completely fail much as it historically
    has. It is an invitation that potentially broadens the contributions base as well.
    Any reclamation of land will only occur either through the courts or in ransoming
    it back-something I’m sure Russell and the RoL are well aware of it. But the formation
    of a Republic has fulfilled the latent guarantee and desired effect to attract attention and
    extend the fifteen minutes of fame.
    The treaties should be honored-the reality is that they are not, and regrettably the
    majority of legal actions brought seem to be with an eye to settle for money-maybe
    that’s the best that can be hoped for at this time though.
    BN-if you could provide a link to this information it would be appreciated, I believe
    stupidity and arrogance were listed requirements on the AIM membership application
    at that time, doesn’t mean all met the standard, only that those who did rose to positions
    of leadership, received a share of the take, or became “security”.

    Thank you both for your input.

  4. Russell also overlooks that the “non-mating” examples he gives are of different species. Humans, as varies as we seem, are one species.

    And please correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t RM’s ancestry Dakota rather than Lakota? Or am I thinking of Leonard Peltier? If Dakota, then how did he create this “Republic of Lakotah”? Or is this just a ploy by whoever pulls his strings to discredit any future, legitimate tribal attempt for autonomy?

    • Russell’s grandfather, Eugene was a member of the Crow Nation. Russell’s father, Walter was 1/8 Crow thru Eugene and 1/8th Oglala thru his mother Nellie Allen. (Ward Churchill is also related to the Allen surname thru his ggggg step-mother) Walter married Theodora Feather from the Feather Necklace Tiyospaye lineage at Rosebud where his brothers and sisters are enrolled. Russell is 1/16 Oglala, 1/16 Crow, 6/16 White and 8/16 mixed Rosebud, Yankton and Cheyenne River descent.

  5. BW-the entire thing has become so convoluted it’s difficult to keep up
    with all of it-I believe Russell is Lakota and Peltier has some Dakota.
    not asserting that as definitive though.
    I’m off the opinion that autonomy will not be a result of the current
    “leadership”, or for that matter most tribal authority, as they seem
    content to continue feathering their own nests.
    Personally I believe a tipping point has been reached and the window
    of opportunity that would allow autonomy based on tradition won’t
    remain open for long as “liberators” etal perform their theatrics.
    We are all related seems to be linked to donations and agreeing to
    whatever edicts are issued from the mount-transparent but worked
    so far.

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