4 comments on “2012 PROPHECY

  1. It seems like a lot of these new age charlatans, as well as our own people, are jumping on the 2012 band wagon, trying to deceive many, and hoping to make big bucks, from those who don’t know any better. One, specifically comes to mind; Mitch Battros, who hawks info re: Prophecy and warnings from the Mayan Elders for August 2011 to September 2011. Pay your $25.00 to Earth Changes Media, and you too can prepare yourself for the coming changes. These fraudulent hawkers are new-comers, riding on the tails of the new age movement from the early 1980’s, who desecrated our traditional teachings; trying to claim our sacred knowledge as their own.. So, now that the 2012 hype is the latest band wagon to jump on, I say jump on, for all of those who don’t know any better….we don’t need you.

  2. Anakis-I have a very good friend in Quatemala, a Mayan, and in our discussions
    of this he told up until the time the crystal wavers seized the 2012 prophecy
    the common Maya weren’t even aware of it -now he says many are caught up
    in the frenzy and there is an explosion of “elders” and “shaman” looking to cash in.
    His thoughts on it are that since it amounts to theft those who are promoting
    and marketing it all over the net regardless of their ethnicity should be sharing
    the wealth in Mayan communities to improve conditions.
    Pretty much the same has happened with the Hopi prophecies, and now I see
    both of them being linked to Nostradamus, of all people. I can’t help but wonder
    if the culture of others is so lacking, so dissatisfying, that all they have is to
    turn on the vacuum and suck up anything and everything that catches their eye and
    mold all the pieces into some fairytale that suits them.
    The worst of all of these are those among our who incorporate any part of
    it into our beliefs. And I totally agree-we don’t need any of this or any involved
    in it.

  3. yes this bandwagon with the big noise and no respect, we would hope the
    wheels to fall off.

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