11 comments on “THE GREAT COVER UP

  1. Exactly so M and J-Wasn’t all that long a person could get banned-tossed
    out and left to fend for themselves-there are still rezes that will kick you
    off the rez for a period of time for various infractions-it is a system
    evolved over time that has served it’s purpose- a part of tradition.
    If that tradition were still in effect among all the people a lot of things would
    be different. But now it’s all about “colonial law” and suing over things such as
    Those who are the first to invoke the colonial laws most often are the
    same ones who talk about tradition-kind of like Russell’s Chinle
    defense, and talk about whether anyone holds a copyright to Annie’s
    name-they want to have it both ways, but most pointedly the way
    that serves them best, it is a classic example of the disunity that
    prevails-one tradition for them, and a different tradition for everyone
    The hierarchy in AIM has been more about their personal bowel
    movement than a consensual movement of the people-and it will take
    some time to dig out from under it.
    If it wasn’t for the AIM umbrella the “liberators” would have never
    had their bully pulpit and probably would have spent their time collecting
    aluminum cans rather than donations.

  2. Well said Rezinate,

    “No unity can exist when thieves, liars, murderers, rapists, pedophiles, gangs, drugs, and the physical abuse of women and children not only exist but are commonplace.”

    One of our great poets said : “Nation which is loosing it’s memory(remembrance about ancestors and homeland) – it means it is loosing it’s conscience.”

    Well – we can say also ,looking at all “liberators” and “saviors” – BECAUSE of those without conscience – nation is loosing memory/ remembrance about ancestors and homeland…
    Or, what’s worse I think- nation is getting from such grim tongues TWISTED and shattered conglomerate of beliefs and glimpses of stories and ideas , manipulated and garbled to serve ONLY purposes and benefits of those liars , calling themselves “leaders”, “freedom fighters”, “activists”, “opposition”…while most of them nicely cooperate and serve those they call “enemies” during public meeting , to mislead own nation and misdirect it’s attention…
    Sad but true – and applies to many of us 🙂
    So – however we look at it- WE ARE all related..by good and bad things in our daily lives… and maybe that shall make our hearts lighter and burden not so heavy- when we realize WE ALL together suffer same- and when we unite to help each other…we have big chance to succeed and MAKE CHANGE …
    Maybe first step to unity is stand together AGAINST………………
    so we will have then reason and will to stand all together FOR ………………..


    […]you’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything
    You’ve got to be your own man not a puppet on a string
    Never compromise what’s right and uphold your family name
    You’ve got to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything[…]

    (Aaron Tippin – You’ve Got To Stand For Something)

  3. MD;
    “A doubtful friend is worse than a certain enemy. Let a man be one thing or the other,
    and we then know how to meet him.” Aesop

    And in this all related some sense that in manner of speaking we all belong to
    one another and should act accordingly.
    The sharing of familiar miseries should create a common awareness and a unity that
    lends itself to common cause-the problem has been that “liberators” and “freedom
    fighters” have seized upon them for personal advancement.
    If the issues were to disappear it would follow that they too would, so resolution
    and common cause become a threat to personal fiefdoms, offices with certificates
    strewn about the wall, titles and positions, and paychecks and contributions.
    There is no open hand of friendship offered in these things, only a closed fist of
    yet another form of tyranny.
    You’re right about the loss of memory being connected to a loss of conscience,
    and it is often said that as the language goes so goes the culture-I think the same
    could be said for the memories of a people-memories once based on tradition and
    respect that are being replaced with the antithetical ones of social conditions on
    the rez-the new traditions completely lacking in value or respect, and bear no
    kinship with those of the past.

  4. Well Rezinate,

    It’s bad..but not SO bad yet – at least your blog, your fight and words are proof to me and all those who come here to read (and some to comment/ discuss :D) that there are still those who CARE about all those things, who VALUE and UNDERSTAND=feel meaning of words -> Honor, Honesty, Responsibility, Respect…Freedom 🙂

    “Where there is unity – there is always victory.”
    Publilius Syrus quotes (Roman author, 1st century B.C.)

    There are still those and..MORE of those, who stand against lies of “liberators” and “saviors”…and as far as I see more and more people finding courage in themselves to get up stand up…even if still they having difficulties to raise their voices and make it One Voice- they standing tall..and that’s best position to begin to speak and then “say it LOUD, say it proud” ..!

    Maybe I am incurable and insane Idealist – but I do believe in people, in Humankind, that we just need spark..as Spark becomes the Flame, Flame becomes the Fire …

    “Do not follow the ideas of others, but learn to listen to the voice within yourself.
    Your body and mind will become clear and you will realize the unity of all things.”
    Dogen (Japanese Buddhist monk and philosopher 1200-1253)

    And that is ONLY way I can see to defeat and make all liars, all chaff begone- FEEL and THINK for ourselves, in ourselves, feeling and willing to be responsible for each other- something that been taken away from us- RIGHT and willingness to stand for something …so many of us falling for anything…mostly for tricks and deceptions of our “liberators” …who are in fact our oppressors.
    Time to realize that- in spite it’s truth full of pain and shame- and challenge that reality (in reservations, cities, villages, countries, whole world, step by step, heart by heart, mind by mind) to MAKE CHANGE..at least START IT.
    Not even for ourselves – but for our children and our descendants…and to honor our ancestors and place we living, our Home-Land which is Earth .
    (In my humble opinion :))

    Else….we will have to invest into rainbow and crystals to wave and wait for “Ancient Alien Ancestors” (about which Daaniken was speaking) to come here in their mothership(s) and save us in some manner …( some DNA mutation/ stimulation, crystal hypnosis, wipe out of our race , eternal rainbow paradise or something similar…? 😛 )
    And that’s version which I do not find very attractive 😀

  5. MD;
    I have the greatest of faith in the people, the traditions, the legacy-all
    that is required is to step up and put this us against them
    “liberators” and “freedom fighters” have employed as their bread and
    butter aside and address the communal issues that are breaking
    us down.
    In the vein of quotes and the citing of them I would add this Irish one, and
    say there is a lot of limping going on:

    May those that love us, love us.
    And those that don’t love us,
    May God turn their hearts.
    And if He doesn’t turn their hearts,
    May He turn their ankles
    So we will know them by their limping.

  6. What I would like to know, who is this anonymous writer of the ‘Native American Code of Ethics’? A lot of good words spoken here. We, as individuals, can initiate change, and that’s where it begins, but we must heal ourselves first. On our path toward reaching out and healing others, if one does not have the spiritual eyes to see, it’s very hard to show them the truth, thus they are blinded. If one does not have the spiritual ears to hear, they will not listen, and it’s difficult to speak with them. We do our best; some will wake up, but some won’t.

  7. Anakis- I don’t have a clue, and as you say there are a lot of good
    words. In searching about I found that the majority of sites it can
    be found on aren’t really indigenous sites.
    I and others I know doubt it is of indigenous origin, doesn’t mean
    it hasn’t any value and we could certainly be wrong.
    The difference for me between this and the “National Commandment”
    is intent-one a suggested well meaning guideline, the other a looking
    away from something that cannot be tolerated or ignored, and a bill
    of goods I won’t accept.
    The stage has been set by perpetrators that are beyond the boundaries
    of tradition-they chose that arena and it is fitting then that they should
    be held to account there. The ability to cross back and forth between
    tradition and non tradition is not a luxury that should be allowed-and
    in comparison they should not be allowed to find a relative sanctuary
    in “handling” crimes against the people under a blanket of tradition
    they would have selectively serve them.
    It is manipulation and a gross disrespect to even attempt to. We never
    had a written code, a set of commandments-it is is doubtful any even
    had a word that translated to commandment. All we knew, all we were
    was written in the heart and the spirit and made manifest for all to
    see in the communities-it is a sad commentary that now such things
    must be written and referred to as commandments.
    It is a time when new things must be written in the heart and the spirit,
    I would suggest only one word is necessary-Remember.

  8. I may have left out a few words. What I meant was there are a lot of good words spoken here on this blog. I don’t have a clue either about this “Code of Ethics”, and where it came from, and I certainly don’t endorse it by any means. That was my point. I have a problem with the “Code of Handsome Lake” as well, who through dreams and visions, tried to provide a way for the Haudenosaunee to return to their Traditional Teachings, when alcohol was devastating their people. He advocated, and tried to blend certain aspects of christianity with traditional beliefs….a volatile mix, which caused much dissention with those of the Longhouse Tradition.Then there are those who call themselves ‘liberators and warriors’, who will continue to manipulate, waving both ends of the stick to their own advantage. We, who are traditional people, will always remember our Original Instructions from the Creator, which are embedded in our hearts and minds. We never needed another code, or commandments to live by. Hopefully, others will wake up and “Remember”.

  9. Meanwhile – this one just found me today…

    (Was wondering would ANY of “Libre-Orators” and “Savours” would like to analyze it and give us interpretation in ytb video or on his website… :D)

    The Divine Image
    By William Blake

    To Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love
    All pray in their distress;
    And to these virtues of delight
    Return their thankfulness.

    For Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love
    Is God, our father dear,
    And Mercy, Pity, Peace, and Love
    Is Man, his child and care.

    For Mercy has a human heart,
    Pity a human face,
    And Love, the human form divine,
    And Peace, the human dress.

    Then every man, of every clime,
    That prays in his distress,
    Prays to the human form divine,
    Love, Mercy, Pity, Peace.

    And all must love the human form,
    In heathen, Turk, or Jew;
    Where Mercy, Love, and Pity dwell
    There God is dwelling too.

  10. “The hierarchy in AIM has been more about their personal bowel
    movement than a consensual movement of the people-and it will take
    some time to dig out from under it.”

    And it is STILL that way with newer, younger men who cloak their misogyny, sexism, cruelty and abuse under the habiliments of “tradition” while pissing and moaning about things like discriminatory dress codes aimed solely at Native men seeking to go to a bar in Saskatchewan. Funny how they think nothing of imposing sexism and oppression on women while wanting equal human rights for themselves. Apparently, social equality doesn’t apply to Native women (or any other woman for that matter) while it applies to these “liberators.”

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