1. We certainly know what hasn’t worked, and it’s long past time to consider what may be successful solutions. Unfortunately, many young “wannabe gang member” boys look up to these older gang members as their only mentors. I worked with a young teen who was involved in a gang at 14, and in adult prison at 16 for 2 years. After meeting up with him again several years later, he told me,’This is all I knew….this is what I grew up with. I’m staying straight now, I got my GED, and I’m turning my life around’ Maybe it’s time for community members, as well as individuals, to take a more proactive approach and consider becoming a mentor and positive role model for our children. It only takes one, caring individual, to make a difference. Some of our youth may not be well connected with tradition, but having someone willing to explore with them the aspects of our culture that emphasizes strength and pride, would be a substantial and positive influence. That’s a start. Negative peer-pressure begins at an early age. AIM, Tribal Leaders, and these so-called Warrior societies, what have they done? Most of them have turned a blind eye to their own people; selling us a bill of goods. It’s time for a grassroots effort, and for a lost youth, it only takes one.

  2. Well there are those things like Yellow Thunder Camp, The Treaty School
    etc that have generated contributions, but then that was the end game.
    Organizations like Big Brothers and Big Sisters have performed
    admirably in their venues, but that’s probably something that “warriors”
    don’t do….. like farming.
    It’s about much more than feeding and clothing the body-it is
    about feeding the spirit as well, and the famine among the nations in that
    sense rivals the physical one in Somalia- with much the same scenario of petty
    “warlords” and corrupt tribal leaders deciding what is distributed and who gets
    I’ve often thought something like the Guardian Angels of Curtis Sliwa
    fame could have a profound effect in creating a sense of community among
    the young in our communities…..if the wrong people didn’t seize upon it,
    attempt to personalize it, and ride it into the ground as another donations mule.
    Lot of options and possibilities-they all begin in the home and parenting,
    but I think too that once something like this has reached the proportions it
    has it’s time for the communities, led by the men, to say enough and put
    and end to it.
    Regrettable it would reach such a stage, but if it is a crime to be held hostage
    as the reservation system does then it is no less a crime for any community to be
    held hostage by their own-and the cost that has been effected is tradition.
    Ceremonies have to be something more than what amounts to kabuki theater,
    and they have to be conducted by qualified men and women, not those looking
    to make a buck, sell some cd’s and dvd’s, and grab a little attention.
    In all honesty without an abrupt turn around I shudder to think what
    the way of it will be when this existing generation of elders passes away.
    I am a strong advocate for education though I have little to speak of myself-it is a
    necessary tool to equip our young ones with to be able to succeed in any fashion,
    and kudos to the young man you speak of-not everyone can have a website, collect
    donations, establish “charitable foundations”, write books, or make movies.
    In a very real sense it is about paying it forward-as it stands now the nations are
    running a deficit-and just as it has come back to bite this country so has and will it for
    our nations-though the fat cats and CEO’s will have hedged their bets.
    Traditionally fathers and uncles mentored the young men-where are they
    You made many good points and offered some good insights based on your
    own experiences Anakis-thanks, an hopefully someone will hear you.

  3. Well, so called “United” Kingdom, hanging itself on EU-rope made from multi-culti poor working class/ghetto youth gangs “swinging” around the town(s) :

    The mere hooliganism and blatant avarice of the rioters is ironic and affronting, given the number of issues that citizens in the UK might be genuinely furious about. As one popular tweet from the past 24 hours wryly observed:
    “The Youth of the Middle East rise up for basic freedoms.The Youth of London rise up for a HD ready 42” Plasma TV.”


    Let’s hope that “child of UK”…(United States I mean) won’t end up same way that it happened “under Queen Mother wings”, because well… – that would be indeed proof “we are all related”..but in worst and most disgracing way we could imagine…

    And what forces to smile bitterly, SAME way WE need that you described, Rezinate:

    “…leadership needs to forget about stuffing their pockets and favoritism-they need to step up and bulldoze the vacant houses where the nightcrawlers gather-they need to clean up the debris that litters every rez (for us would be borough/district) -in short, they need to place the welfare of the ones they represent first for a change and adopt a policy of zero tolerance instead of some feigned political correctness.”


  4. Anarchy:
    noun: a state of lawlessness and disorder (usually resulting from a failure of government) [syn: {lawlessness}]
    Absence of any form of political authority. Political disorder and confusion. Absence of any cohesive principle, such as a common standard or purpose.

    Civil Disobedience:
    Refusal to obey civil laws in an effort to induce change in governmental policy or legislation, characterized by the use of passive resistance or other nonviolent means.

    Civil Disobedience (Resistance to Civil Government) is an essay by Henry David Thoreau that was first published in 1849. It argues that people should not permit governments to overrule or atrophy their consciences, and that people have a duty to avoid allowing such acquiescence to enable the government to make them the agents of injustice. Thoreau was motivated in part by his disgust with slavery and the Mexican-American War.


    Thoreau likened government to a machine capable of creating injustice, I think few would attempt to argue this isn’t often the case, in his essay Civil Disobedience he declared
    it a duty of conscience to resist in a non violent manner.
    That is a principle that has withstood the test of time as evidenced by Gandhi and King.
    Rioting such as occurred in Britain, and as an example in Watts here in the US, is motivated
    by one thing, the looting and destruction that takes place-that is criminal activity where common criminals and thugs either create or seize upon an opportunity to loot and burn and should be dealt with as such.
    What a profound ignorance to burn down and create havoc in the very community you
    reside in-who suffers as the result?
    In comparison one need only view the destruction, looting, and displacement of people who actually lived at Wounded Knee to realize that WK2 was not an act of liberation worthy of celebration but a riot instigated by a handful of common criminals and thugs.
    Anarchists created a situation in WK2 and in Britain that accomplished nothing, and in the aftermath will only serve to exacerbate conditions-in contrast civil disobedients like Gandhi freed an entire nation and King led an ethnic minority towards a more level playing field and greater opportunity.
    Means, Banks, Bellecourt, and their minions destroyed and looted a community and increased the poverty and lack of opportunity still to this day by stigmatizing Pine Ridge and the Lakota to such a degree that investors and job opportunities are non existent. Apparently it isn’t a concern for them as they each in their own way profited.
    The clever irony they created is that now they take to the pulpit to rail against the
    very conditions they were instrumental in prolonging-I guess in a sense one could
    say they created their own personal job security.

  5. We are sorry for this trouble in your place mad dog-it should not be and
    we are made to know the more now that the wounded knee 2 was not the
    liberation but the riot and the hostage taking and looting.

  6. Néá’ eše, Meoquane&Jess for your concern but no need to worry much – luckily for me and my family it happened we are far away from London now, so we been more observers that participants 🙂
    I’ve shown those links/things about London- as sad thing is that people like somehow to repeat bad ways for creating own story and looking at current images is easier to see and imagine WHAT happened in 1975 and how/why people suffered and still suffer because of Wounded Knee 2.
    And also as warning what MAY happen in other places on Earth, in other countries IF parents won’t take responsibility, IF Elders still won’t be listened, if WE won’t take responsibility for our choices,decisions actions – not only for each own – but for each other . IF still people believe in money, market, banking and greed coming out from poverty and hate and desiring only material goods.
    We can see what that caused in minds of people/society in United Kingdom.

    I hope that what happened in London for conscious people, who have hearts, minds, honor and dignity – will be inspiration what NOT to do, for what NOT allow to… 🙂

  7. We don’t need ANY liberators anymore – we will free and liberate OURselves together…

    Londoners strike back with ‘Operation Riot Clean-up’

    “We all live in this community and we wanted to show the world that we
    respect it,”
    said James Hossack, a 38-year-old consultant, who took the day off work to help.

    “I was devastated when I saw what happened last night.
    I was really angry so I thought I’d channel my anger in a constructive way”
    said one woman in her 20s.


    And that’s what I am all the time talking about 🙂 THIS IS IT, this is what we fight, stand for and what we need 🙂

    Spark becomes the Flame, Flame becomes the Fire – let’s hope this
    Righteous Flame at last will be one to warm up people heart and burn
    down Old Time, this all wrongdoing and wrong-thinking- 🙂

    Ex maleo bonum 🙂
    (There’s no evil which couldn’t turn into/ bring some Good :))

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