1. Hi Rezi, I listened to the entire interview. An abominable act for those who continue to call themselves “Warriors”. Not only did they hold Elders hostage, looted, and destroyed property, they killed pets, slaughtered livestock in hostages homes, and left their excrement everywhere. Some people are not aware of that. The fact that the Gildersleeve’s named the names of these “Liberators”, should be a wake-up call to those who continue to support them: Russell Means, Dennis Banks, Carter Camp, (DeSersa?),and Bellecourt. For those who listened to the interview, now you know why the Gildersleeve’s cars smelled so bad. To think that now Clyde has gone the “spiritual route”, Dennis, after his long walks, is considering Chairman of the Leech Lake Band of Ojibwa, and Russell is struggling through, trying to hold on to his ‘Chief Facilitator’ title of Lakotah, maybe AIM leaders are heading for a long downfall; similar to the state this country is in.

  2. It’s very interesting to listen to and revealing as well-a little
    odd how it has been tucked away but hopefully it will be passed
    along now.
    There will be those who continue to reject anything contrary to
    the lies the liberators have told these many decades-but they
    have larger personal issues to deal with.
    If you follow the “career” choices of the liberators it kind of
    has the look of monkey see monkey do-one writes a book, another has
    to-one makes a movie, another has to-one styles himself a
    politician running for office, another has to. Always trying to
    outdo the other and always trying to be relevant.
    Ultimately what it amounts to I think is tapping every financial
    resource they may stumble upon. Leech Lake has enough problems
    without Banks in office-I think Banks is to LL like Russell is to
    PR-they have some support but not in the exaggerated numbers they
    claim-not everyone is looking for their kind of “freedom” and not
    everyone is willing to walk while they ride or fly first class.

  3. Between Means, Banks, and Bellecourt, it certainly appears to be a personal challenge amongst themselves for top dog “honors”; or possibly trying to achieve the position of last dog standing. Time will tell.

  4. It is a sad thing to listen to these old ones speak and see the truth of
    this apocalypse and the four horseman, and maybe it is as this one
    Anakis has said each would be the top dog. But the top dog who
    would only bark and never say the truth.
    Maybe it is the competition is who tells the biggest lie.

  5. In response to Meoquane and Jess, There is a saying, ‘The guilty dog barks first’. Maybe in this case, one guilty dog will bark last, but all three are howling their lies, trying to outdo each other. Back to the four horsemen; we have three left. Who will be the next one to deliver their bowl of wrath upon our own people?

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