4 comments on “VERNON AND RUSSELL

  1. My comment to Russell: “Come clean and man up in your last days, as you have led us to believe that you have been a man and warrior for all these years. A true Warrior speaks the truth. A true Warrior will always consider their people before themselves. A true Warrior will make peace and humble themselves before the Creator, not only every day of their life, but last words spoken when life and spirit are waning.” I can’t see Russell ever telling the truth. He has never considered the plight of his own people above himself. He doesn’t have a clue about humility or spirituality. What is his legacy? Superficial ego pursuits, and lies to cover himself and his family. That is what he will take to the grave, along with a pompous statement about lightning. We are not going to lose a great Warrior.

    • One of the few people whose forked tongue revolted against itself and if he chokes on it, so be it. “A true Warrior would make peace with themselves,” indeed. Like Bellecourt, like Peltier, like Banks, when they are all gone, the Indigenous community will really not have lost much of anything but a bunch of lips flapping without integrity.

  2. Rezinate we see you do not speak with anger only the truth and we agree with your words.
    We agree to as this one Anakis has spoken the people will not lose the great warrior,
    only the one who cared the more for himself.

  3. I find a great irony in that Russell’s weapon of choice-his tongue, now turns
    against him-but even in this he cannot refrain from speaking of himself as
    some messiah larger than life who will return as lightning.
    He spoke of seeing others if he passes-indeed he will, among them will be
    Annie Mae, Ray Robinson,Martin Montileaux, those in unmarked graves
    at Wounded Knee, and who knows who else-I doubt it will be a joyful reunion.

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