5 comments on “A CLOCK IS TICKING

  1. A historical fear of contemporary indigenous ‘brotherhoods’ is in part the catalyst for these violent scenarios. In their attempts to be seen as warriors they forget what could be considered the not so glorifying aspects of warrior societies. They forget that Traditionally there were/are ethics and protocol involved in maintaining one’s standing as a warrior. They forget the necessity of the women in their decision making process. I worry about the impact this is going to have on our children and our children’s children. Contemporary inter-tribal warrior societies are not something I want my future children to aspire to. They are so removed from what one would call Traditional it should cause people concern not respect.

  2. A great deal has either been forgotten or purposely ignored to be replaced
    with historical revisions and new forms of behavior we are told are traditional.
    I have the good fortune to know those I consider true warriors who tether
    themselves to tradition and service-not a one of these would consider making
    such a claim to another.
    Not a one of these would seek to place them self above anyone-and not a one
    of them would tolerate an offense against a woman or a child-neither would they
    lie or remain silent in the face of such a thing.
    They would not boast of knowing who was responsible for the murder of Annie
    Mae and say as a matter of honor they are bound by their word to not reveal
    the individual-such a statement clearly illustrates that the one who speaks such
    as this has no honor, has no “word” of value to be given, and has willfully broken
    with tradition.
    These so called liberators have been little more than a destructive force doing
    the work of acculturation-singularly and collectively they have visited a great misery
    upon the people while they advanced themselves.
    The good news is at times when speaking to a child I mention the name of
    one of these liberators and ask if they know who they are-the majority say
    no-so while the liberators may have a stolen a generation hopefully such isn’t the
    case with the next one.
    The only service the liberators can provide at this point is to speak the truth
    and then withdraw-their sense of self importance and personal preservation
    disallows that though, and so we must endure for a time yet.

  3. Reblogged this on undiscoveredrealms and commented:
    A response made in The Great Cover Up blog on this site by Jacqueline S. Holman as follows:

    “The hierarchy in AIM has been more about their personal bowel
    movement than a consensual movement of the people-and it will take
    some time to dig out from under it.”

    And it is STILL that way with newer, younger men who cloak their misogyny, sexism, cruelty and abuse under the habiliments of “tradition” while pissing and moaning about things like discriminatory dress codes aimed solely at Native men seeking to go to a bar in Saskatchewan. Funny how they think nothing of imposing sexism and oppression on women while wanting equal human rights for themselves. Apparently, social equality doesn’t apply to Native women (or any other woman for that matter) while it applies to these “liberators.”

    I would respond….

    • These are prime examples of the negative impact and influence AIM
      has had on our youth
      In the documentary Rape on the Reservation their is a young high
      school boy who speaks of women/girls being a target rich environment,
      and the physical abuse of them appropriate.
      Men who call themselves warriors filled with native pride bear the
      brunt of responsibility for this in not providing better examples and
      in taking back communities – women too who show no respect for themselves.
      I have friends on a reserve in Canada whose community was being over run
      with gangs and drugs, bullets flying through the air on a nightly basis,
      people’s homes being broken into, elders afraid to go out.
      The men said enough, armed themselves with sticks, ax handles, and the like
      and cleared house.
      It is a shame such measures would have to be taken, but if that’s what comes
      to then I’m for it as I see it as warriors protecting their people.
      Holman is a strong advocate for women and has made some notable comments,
      all of which I agree with.
      Thanks for the reblog.

      • YW! 🙂 Yes, there’s been other such happenings here. Our Tribal lands underwent a similar cleaning in the early years of this century. Now, things are done much more Traditionally, I won’t say ‘Native-Amish’…but the ‘clock’ was turned back a good ways in many aspects.
        Since then, life has been much better and happier in those lands.
        I think more and more, we will see ‘Housecleanings’.

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