1. ‘One could reasonably ask if they are government appointed, and in such an appointment granted a level of immunity?’ Reasonable question, Rezi. It may be reasonable to consider that the government has been protecting certain individuals, or one, thus the failure to bring these cases to a close. There will be many who will disagree with me, but a point well stated.

  2. I am bemused that no one has commented on this post. I commend everyone, who has spoken out re: the Grand Jury Investigation. One person to add to the list of liars and murderers: Harry David Hill.

  3. Anakis- on the one hand I half expected someone to call me a few choice
    names and make some disjointed defense of the hole in the head gang-
    on the other hand any blog or forum of this nature should be about planting
    seeds-sow a few, and hopefully a resonant chord is struck that leads a person
    to independently research the issues and arrive at a reasoned conclusion.
    Any who honestly do that will find that they have arrived at a point where if
    they depend on the party line there are more questions than answers-if they are
    willing to overlook or dismiss those questions that’s on them, and they can continue
    being played.
    There is a segment of society that loves conspiracy theories, regardless of how
    ridiculous they are or how weak they are shown to be-they will ignore all fact,
    all evidence, and anything of a contradictory nature.
    For ones such as these it is always about them and they, feds, snitches, and moles,
    and one might as well cast their words to wind than confuse them with reality.
    I’m of the belief if the guilty parties actually came clean this type would still claim
    a conspiracy-what is wrong is wrong, there is no absolution based on gender, age,
    or ethnicity.
    The road to absolution begins with speaking the truth and accepting responsibility,
    there is no other path.
    Thanks for the addition to the list-well warranted.

  4. We are this bemused too but does not matter if a truth is
    spoken and only one hears it, it has been spoken and the
    land, the sky, the ancestors, and Ma’heo’o are witness to

  5. Rezi, you have certainly planted many seeds in the minds of many, and a lot of food for thought. I came across a quote today, which may or may not apply, but wise words none the less.

    ‘The society that separates it’s scholars from it’s warriors, will have it’s thinking done by cowards and it’s fighting by fools’ ___Thucydides

    Accepting responsibility and speaking the truth? For some, it seems to be an impossibility.

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