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  1. Cheryl Robinson, the widow of Ray Robinson would post a reward for information if she had the money, but she does not. She is less interested in prosecution then getting the remains of Perry Ray Robinson back from Wounded Knee where people like Leonard Crow Dog know where he is buried but won’t help repatriate the bones of a black man, for what-ever self-serving purposes. While the federal investigation into his 1973 murder at the hands of Dennis Banks, Carter Camp, David Harry Hill (Mr. X) and others is now not denied by many in AIM and at Wounded Knee 73, Cheryl Robinson is still waiting for any, or one Lakota, with the courage of a warrior, to come forward and help bring Ray home. If you have information, or can help with reward money, or can help spread the word, please call 586-222-9454. Cheryl was once aligned with what she thought the American Indian Movement was suppose to be about — but wonders if the so-called leaders of AIM have any, “any” ethical or moral capability left, or if they ever had any at all.

  2. Skabewis- thanks for the comment and the phone number, I
    would add that few if any aren’t capable of kicking in a
    couple of dollars and should ask themselves how would they
    feel if they were in the same situation seeking to recover
    the remains of a loved one.
    A greater good would be served if those who spend their
    time talking about being a warrior or of a warrior heritage,
    most of whom I’m doubtful would make so much as a pimple on
    a true warriors ass, would set that aside and attempt to act
    like one.
    Crow Dog is little more than a caricature-I used to on
    occasion pull up his site just to see the photoshopped rain
    and owl or whatever it was soar around and to see what the
    latest dvd offering of wisdom was, but I don’t waste the time
    Of interest to me is Crow Dog’s site seems to be focused
    on the Japanese market now -guessing distance makes them an
    easier mark.
    I always thought the owl/bird whatever should be a bat, of
    the bloodsucking variety-but not my site.

  3. I’ve always said, why hasn’t Crow Dog come forward with what he knows. He prefers to draw lines in the sand, naming victims and nationalities, smoking 7 pipes for the spirits who continue to haunt him, to the point that he tried to sell off the land where the murdered were buried. As Skabewis stated, ‘for what-ever self-serving purposes’.

  4. Anakis-of all the things Crow Dog isn’t he is about himself and
    a survivor-not to mention much the same as his cronies, a
    business man and self promoter-all else pales in consideration
    of that.
    To come clean about anything is probably perceived as threat
    to the image and the “legacy”.
    He can smoke as many pipes as he likes and it has the about
    the same value as Popeye smoking his.

  5. It is not a rumor that Harry David Hill is one of the primary suspects in the shooting of Perry Ray Robinson Jr. inside Wounded Knee 1973. Dennis Banks has previously named Hill as the shooter, and he is confirmed as being in the party that confronted Robinson, when he was shot. Hill has long been fingered as Mr. X, present at Bill Means on the Aquash murder, and named as an informant within AIM by Clyde/Vernon Bellecourt, Dennis Banks and John Trudell amongst others and is the confirmed Mt. Rushmore bomber. It is no secret that several people this summer have been questioned in the Robinson murder case and Hill appears to be the most common denominator and person named by witnesses I know cooperating with federal authorities? Will he be indicted?

  6. Skabewis,
    Hill has been that six degrees of separation person to me,
    always linkage in some manner to the major events so I’m
    of the opinion there isn’t much in the way of rumors attached
    to him-more in the nature verifiable facts
    As far as an informant? wouldn’t surprise me-I believe it is the
    nature of such people to look out for number one in all situations-
    but Clyde or Vernon’s word on it doesn’t set it in stone for me.
    To hear either of them tell it everyone but them was/is an informant,
    and I have a tendency to view that as the barking dog syndrome.
    Will he be indicted? Maybe so-but the question for me is if he is will
    he roll over? I believe somebody will for sure, if they haven’t already,
    and in my estimation for what it’s worth he’s as viable a candidate as
    Kind of coincidental in a way you bring this up as earlier I was
    putting a blog together about Hill-had to put it aside as friends showed
    up-but going to finish it up and post it in the morning.
    Rios also pointed a finger at Hill, and Ellison, when things started closing
    in on her in relationship to Annie-some have said it was little more than
    sour grapes on her part but I believe it was much more, and would like
    to see her testimony unsealed.

  7. David Hill: Raid on Thelma Rios HIll Conroy residence for Mt. Rushmore bombing Search Warrant 7/6/75 — Indictment: possession of firearms while under indictment on other charges, 7/7/75 — “There has been no indication of demonstrations in the Pine Ridge area and the Mount Rushmore problem is over.” (449/1187/1549 SAC Held to Director, et al.,) 7/9/75 — Dismissed: Complaints 75-99M and 75-10M “best interests of justice served.” 7/11/75 — Two latent fingerprints….. identified as finger impressions of HIll: One on the cover of a New Paladin Press catalog obtain in connection with the Mt. Rushmore bombing. (ResMurs pg 910, File No. 89-3229 FBI #213783M8 10/9/75) — “That in the summer of 1975, I was contacted my Marvin Amiotte, attorney, who purported to be contacting me on behalf of the Defendant Hill. That Amiotte told me that Defendant Hill wanted to make a deal to have the remaining charges against him dropped.” Affidavit of Attorney General William J. Janklow, Feb. 9th, 1976.

  8. I think the Rios affidavit has been released to the public, with only two name places redacted, but I have not seen it. Also Arlo Looking Cloud’s Habeus Corpus (request for new trial) and sentence reduction has been made part of his public file.

  9. nothing new here. Hill wasn’t present when Perry was at WK.appreciate your undying search for truth BL and PD.

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  12. “It is no secret that there is growing suspicion among many that somewhere in the AIM hierarchy there exists the ultimate mole…. plenty of candidates, and not a one of them willing to put in an appearance on Annie’s or Ray’s page.”

    Close but no cigar; this story about a fed-mole in AIM is just another excuse dreamed up by Trudell, Ellison and others with the sole purpose of trying to weasel their way out of culpability. Trudell has been a patsy for Dennis, and was likely with him when he made the final call. He still fears him and is very familiar with Dennis’ history of making people go away. But no amount of weed can erase Trudell’s guilt, and he fact that he still makes this claim about a secret infiltrator is all the more reason to regard him with contempt; he is a proven liar and ultimately, a coward. No getting around the fact that Trudell, Ellison, Abourezk, Tilsen and the other AIM slimebags close to Dennis, were well aware of the danger Anna Mae was in, and were very familiar with Dennis’ paranoia, but did nothing to save Anna Mae. Some of them, like Ellison, participated in her interrogation. Once Durham’s cover was blown, there were no upper tier moles in the movement, unless you want to count those who testified against the leadership in court: Ka-Mook and Arlo. Plenty of disreputable opportunists and self-anointed “investigative journalists” see fit to feed this myth to make a buck.

    “I believe some person or persons in the top three or four in AIM gave up not only Peltier’s location when he was being sought but also information about his role in the murder of Wiiliams and Coler-I believe a part of that deal was to look away from those troublesome questions concerning WK2, Ray, and Annie-in that context what would have been of greater value to the feds, bringing in Peltier or worrying about a bunch of dead Indians and a black man?”

    Another myth, sounds like the garbage put out by Stevie Hendricks. Fact: Peltier mistakenly believed that Agents Coler and Williiams were there to arrest him (Peltier’s own words.) Fact: The FBI had no idea that Peltier, a wanted fugitive at the time, was there in Tent City. Otherwise, they would have sent massive backup to arrest him, not two young agents armed with pea shooters. This idea of somebody giving up Peltier is true only so far as people testifying in court, as Ka-Mook did when she recalled Peltier’s boast: “The motherfucker was begging for his life but I shot him anyway.” The rest of the conspiracy nonsense first started with the gutless Peter Matthiessen and his laughable story about how poor Leonard fell victim to uranium mining interests and super secret government conspiracies.

    ”I want someone to show me one example of the feds “jacketing” her, produce one credible person who can testify a fed told them Annie was a snitch. That jacket was created and circulated by AIM-no one else.”

    True statement. Bad jacketing was patented by the AIM leaders; they used their own COINTELPRO against their members and became the arbiters over who lived and who died. We saw this at Wounded Knee where some people who failed the spy test ended up in the ground. Other people who threatened to go public (Martin Mountileaux, Jeannette Bissonette, Nogeeshik Aquash) or who were very critical of AIM (Leo Wilcox, Buddy Lamont) wound up dead. These murders can be traced to two people: Dennis Banks and Russell Means. And if we’re talking about the murder of Anna Mae and the ensuing cover-up, throw in Clyde Bellecourt, Bill Means, Madonna Gilbert Thunderhawk, Loreli Decora Means, David Hill and inmate Leonard Peltier.

    “What has always troubled me is the complete lack of involvement in the search for justice for Ray by any black leadership or organization. Very uncharacteristic when they will actively pursue other cases that date further back. That may change now with Ray’s page, and I think an outline detailing all this should be sent to the USAG Holder, the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus.”

    I met and spoke with Rev. Al Sharpton about the Robinson murder; no interest at all.

  13. JS-

    Appreciate your response and will add, this “theory” of mine is just that-speculation, as I’ve said, and when you take into consideration
    all the events it is an obvious attempt to make some kind of sense that
    after AIM having been branded the American Indian Mafia and the fact
    that they each still maintain their personal fiefdoms, explanations or
    excuses for that are wearing a little thin.
    Government agencies infiltrate and take down organized crime, foreign
    spy rings, terrorists, and who knows what else, and yet we are to believe
    after all this time they are incapable of doing likewise with a select
    few they have been pursuing for these many years?
    This country can mount successful operations in Pakistan to take down
    Bin Laden, and as I see this morning, rescue missions in Somalia-and yet
    within the confines of it’s own borders in those enclaves known as reservations
    are incapable of dealing with a home grown version of petty tyrants and common criminals?
    An inability in this age of warrant less wiretaps, Homeland Security, The
    Patriot Act, secret courts, NDAA, and all the rest of that?
    That to me sounds like close but no cigar, and has led to this growing suspicion/speculation that many hold. Doesn’t have a single thing to do with
    what Trudell or Hendricks has said or hasn’t said.
    If you have read other portions of this blog you are well aware that not
    so much as an ounce of credibility has been given to any of the AIM upper
    level of that era, and Indian country as well as the rest of the nation knows
    the feds aren’t exactly spotless or virginal in their many pursuits whether
    it is against AIM or any other.
    A prime example of that would be the “sting” to supply weapons to the Mexican
    drug cartels.
    You also would be aware that conspiracy tales get short shift here, and that includes Matthiessen’s work of fiction.
    I’ve read quite a bit about the RICO statutes-they appear to me to be liberal
    in the power they invest and provide a marked latitude in what can and can’t
    be done-I assume that is by design.
    And yet never once has anyone to my knowledge even heard a rumor of an
    investigation with them as the basis.
    Let’s take a closer look at some the players and their “legal” troubles:
    Dave Hill gets arrested for bombing and general mayhem-and walks because it
    is in the public’s interest? That reeks of exactly what it is-a roll over.
    Crow Dog basically gets a slap on the hand. Russell collects donation after
    donation, nothing ever comes to fruition as a result-as in the Cleveland
    settlement-sounds like fraud doesn’t it?
    Multiple members of his family as well as himself have that six degrees of separation from the abduction and murder of Annie Mae and he and they walk
    around venting a lot of hot air.
    Russell in fact has the in your face audacity to complain about not being
    called as a witness, and if that isn’t enough rubs everyones face in it by
    saying he knows who is responsible and the entire back story but isn’t going
    to tell.
    At the very least that sounds like obstruction doesn’t it? And doesn’t even
    begin to address the get of jail free pass regarding WK2.
    The Bellecourts? Do I need to even go into that, or everybodys favorite
    “warrior” Banks?
    Camp pretty much lays the whole thing out about Ray Robinson-so what’s up
    with the investigation into Ray’s murder which now we are being told will be
    closed once again due to a lack of participation or new leads?
    Peltier? Peltier probably has the mental acuity of rock, and if it wasn’t
    for his handlers he would be making license plates instead of raking in the
    money for his “art” and literary efforts, no offense to rocks.

    I don’t doubt he knows the full story, and it will probably go into the same
    box they put him in the ground with. But I don’t believe for a second he had
    a physical presence during any stage of the abduction and subsequent
    interrogation or murder of Annie.
    Could he of had prior knowledge or some hand in the decision making process?
    Very well could have, but he can’t be continuously touted as a low level “tug”
    and at the same time presented as a criminal mastermind.
    Sharpton and his lack of interest? That’s on him, but another one of those
    pebbles in the shoe type of things.
    Ultimately it comes down to a tangled web that instead of being methodically unraveled has new strings woven into it. I don’t think anyone is ever going to
    know the entire story at this stage-but after a few decades seems like more
    should be known.
    You have provided a litany of the dead, the walking wounded, and endless
    suspects and offenses, and yet here we all are still waiting to advance, and
    in the interim we are to believe that an exception(?) was made and Durham was
    the lone insider?
    That the official belief, the plan, was that one was enough? That no true
    insider existed? That doesn’t stand on the basis of Teflon Dave Hill alone.
    I don’t have access to all the info, and I make that clear-often saying I
    have an opinion, and if an incorrect one would appreciate being informed-but
    I do have the ability to read and hopefully enough intelligence to spot
    anomalies when they occur.
    Depending on whose version you listen to there are various explanations for
    these anomalies, yet they remain what they are, anomalies.
    We are a people who have been under attack for over five hundred years-if
    it hasn’t been the invaders, it was the church or the government-now it is at
    the hands of people such as those we have mentioned-in the midst of that
    “official”explanations can hardly be expected to be accepted as an absolute.

    What we see has the greater value than what we hear-and when we see
    resolution to all this that is what we will believe-hopefully that won’t
    require an additional five hundred years.

    Been mulling this over and want to add a little more………If, as you say
    Trudell was likely with Banks when the final call was made, was a patsy, and
    lives in mortal fear of him, then to me at least that makes it all the
    more puzzling to think that he would be running around making the
    statements he is.
    Unless he is a protected witness-in which case it seems like Dennis would
    have been hauled off long ago.
    If that is the case then some could reasonably assume Trudell was an upper
    level insider, or else just rolled over because he was in danger of being
    prosecuted-which then leads back to if all this true and Trudell started
    talking to save himself how is it Dennis is still walking around?
    Trudell has an actual involvement and to soothe his conscience takes on
    the implied risk? Maybe, but I don’t think “cowards” put themselves at
    Anyway, in my opinion they all need to go.

    • I share your sentiments, but I haven’t found a provable link to government conspiracy insofar as it explains why the criminals got away with the crime. We don’t live in a CSI world where the bad guys are apprehended by the end of the hour. That is not to say there aren’t legitimate questions that should be asked. For example, how was Senator James Abourezk able to shield his son from being implicated in the Aquash murder? What did he know and when did he know it? How could “Wild Bill” Janklow (RIP) be such a hardliner against crime and yet make nice with Russell Means, before and after his 10-year killing spree, as if it didn’t happen? Why did it take almost 30 years to indict someone in the Aquash murder? Why didn’t Means and Banks go to prison for the destruction of Wounded Knee and for taking hostages? How were AIMers able to get away with rape and murder at Wounded Knee? It might seem logical to chalk it up to some sort of government protection racket, but that just feeds the myth monster. The truth requires more than pat answers; it requires an acknowledgement of human failings: fear, distrust, and politics. First, the victims of rape (I know 3 of them, from Wounded Knee) and the witnesses to WK murders, never came forward, either out of fear or complicity. It took the bravery of Two Elk (Robinson murder), the testimony of Ka-Mook (Peltier murders corroboration and the secret murders at WK) and the remorse of Looking Cloud (Aquash murder) to bring sanity and truth to the forefront and give prosecutors something to go on. Without these 3 individuals, all of these murders would have remained “mysteries” as they are currently described in many “history” books such as ITSOCH, if they’re mentioned at all. Secondly, Indians are naturally distrustful of government agencies, a logical mindset given the number of times the government has deceived them. So why would any Indian risk retaliation by cooperating with investigators they do not trust? Heck, they might be in on it, too, they reason. Third, fecklessness on the part of prosecutors, reporters, and witnesses, often due to political considerations that come in 3 varieties: intimidation, blindness, and public perception. Russell Means is a prime example of how to intimidate law enforcement and get away with it. Who else could throw his brother under the bus and act like he had nothing to do with the Aquash murder? The blindness part has to do with people like Peter Matthiessen, people who are so politically stunted they are easy prey for the criminals. Hence, we have Peter writing things like “… the stepmother of Jancita Eagle Deer had been beaten by BIA police and left out in a field, where she died of exposure…” a vicious lie fed to him by AIM killers but he desperately wanted to believe it, as did his political allies who praised him for his “meticulous” research. And finally, the biggest culprit in the AIM legacy of cover-up is the perception created by the media, always self-serving, agenda-driven, and usually found “aiding and abetting” the criminals (filming the raid on the village), or else asleep at the switch (in denial about Robinson’s murder.) This goes on today, witness reporter Randy Furst with his nose far up Clyde Bellecourt’s rear end and the Rapid City Journal’s failure to engage in genuine investigative reporting of AIM. I might add an additional factor: the abject failure on the part of Indian leaders to take a stand against evil. I’ve heard from several tribal leaders who tell me they know Peltier is guilty but they dare not say so within their circle of friends. I’ve heard about a woman who laments taking part in beating Anna Mae but no one is able get her to come forward. The myths live on because somebody has a stake in keeping the truth buried, where the bodies are. As we state in American Indian Mafia, bad things happen when good people do nothing.

  14. JS-
    This desperation to believe you attribute to Mathiessen neither
    begins or ends with him-it is common among the non indigenous
    for who knows what reason, but at the same time it is hardly
    unheard of among our own, and there are countless reasons
    for that.
    As to the media, and by implication I mean the mainstream media.
    I have little if any respect for them. Their “coverage” of WK2
    was criminal in my opinion, and I heard someone characterize
    them once as AIM’s b******, I can’t think of a better description.
    The lack of real leadership among the nations is something I’ve
    railed about often-we no longer have tradition based leadership
    we have a cloned copy of Washington that shares the same double
    talk, corruption, cronyism, and nepotism-it is a recipe for disaster for
    The reservation system and government policies have set us
    on a downward spiral-I believe that was the intent all along,
    only it was referred to as assimilating us into the culture for our
    hasn’t worked, and will not until such time as the treaties are upheld
    to the letter and viewed as law as Obama has characterized them, we
    do become a sovereign people in something other than words, and the
    reality is that we are truly dealt with on a government to government basis.
    I’ve often said that the spiral became a free fall with the advent of AIM,
    that’s forty four years of the usurping of elder and tribal authority, and recovery
    won’t take place overnight.
    The Lakota Oyate in their statement issued in Sept.’99 categorically denounced
    AIM as being led by a bunch of wannabe chiefs flying around the country.
    They called out Banks and said they didn’t believe him-that should have been a
    rallying cry and a turning point-now it seems two opportunities remain, one is to
    drag these frauds into court and lock them up, or wait for the attrition of time and
    their passing away.
    Actually a third option exists-to banish them-but then they would undoubtedly
    embrace the courts and colonial law they so love to go on about to reverse such
    an action.
    There have been failures on all sides, the government, law enforcement, and our
    own-but failures can be reversed,weakness can become strength, hopelessness
    pride and determination. All any of these require is the will for it to be so.
    Again, I appreciate your response-articulate and thought provoking-we may differ
    on details or perceptions but I think we share a common opinion as to those we
    speak of.

  15. In reading about Annie Mae and the AIM leaders, it seemed they saw informants everywhere but where they actually were.

    I would also recommend if you want to see a conspiracy that the government is involved in, look wider than just AIM leadership. Look at the entire history of tribal encounters from present to roman times, and you WILL see a conspiracy if you look close enough.

    AIM is the insiders that break their own people apart, do the invaders work for them, to take them out of the “enemy” spotlight, muddy the waters so it’s harder to see where your enemy is. Is it an outsider, a neighbor, a friend? AIM did it’s job, and it was rewarded with immunity.

    The same thing is being done with al sharpton and jesse jackson and the like. They point fingers at the wrong enemy, get people rabid for the wrong reasons, and more is taken.

    Look really wide james, and really far.

    • I have, and I don’t see anything but knuckleheads and fools, not a sinister conspiracy that somehow gives immunity to Russell Means and Dennis Banks. American Indian Mafia has 2 chapters on how this duo played the judge in the Wounded Knee trial. No conspiracy there, just politics, ideology, and a fool in a black robe.

  16. A lot of information has been acquired through FOI’s- the problem is too
    often they are heavily redacted. The reason most commonly given as an
    explanation is “national security”-in some instances that may well be a
    valid reason, but it most surely isn’t in others.
    It took a long time to discover the truth about the Tuskogee Airmen
    for example, or similar “experiments” in Guatemala, to hide those
    as a matter of national security in my opinion is a complete lie.
    More likely it was to avoid a national and global outrage.
    No one is perfect, no government or governmental agency is-this
    nation is often referred to a nation of laws-if there is any truth in that
    then laws must be applied equally-if exposure and the truth are a
    part of that then that is the mandate.
    Power and authority are always abused-always-the degree depends
    on the country. People in this country have it much better than those
    in others-but the question is that laurels enough to rest on?
    The fundamental precepts of the Constitution are slowly being
    eroded-Corporations are granted status as humans-with the resources
    and power they have we are already seeing a further a corruption
    of the system with such things as super pacs.
    The absolute right of Habeas Corpus hangs by a thread-a matter
    of presidential “discretion”.
    Lincoln suspended that right during the civil war-he also authorized
    the execution of 38 of our own-the largest mass hanging in this
    nations history.
    Whether Roosevelt did or didn’t as an official act with the internment
    of the Japanese during WW2 the reality is that in effect that was exactly
    what transpired.
    Now we are told it is an option. An option is “representative” government?
    Elderly handicapped people, even children are fondled or strip searched
    prior to boarding a plane-what segment of the population is this representative
    of ?
    Cops used to patrol their neighborhoods on foot-they knew people, they knew
    the lay of the land-now it is about profiling and countless acts of excessive
    force with tasers being the latest toy to employ, seemingly on a whim or for
    the sheer joy of it in some cases. What segment of society is that representative
    We finally had the vote in ’48 I believe it was-after having been granted it
    a couple of decades before-it took the ensuing years to battle through
    obstructive laws to achieve it.
    We are the bottom of the ladder-for a couple of reasons-one is that we had
    land that was desired, the second one was that we fought to keep it.
    Custer got handed his ass, five thousand troops were deployed to bring in
    Geronimo and his pitifully small band, the Comanche held Texas against
    all comers for decades, Cheyenne dog soldiers swept across the plains
    wraith like and formidable, Joseph and the Nez Perce fought their way
    across fourteen hundred miles in attempt to reach Canada and be free,
    only to fail a mere forty miles from their goal.
    All nations large and small resisted-that has never been forgotten, and a price
    is still being extracted.
    Nowhere is it set in stone that the means justifies the end-but that has obviously
    been the approach.
    As a demographic we have little to offer politicians other than a photo op-
    we don’t have money to contribute to campaigns, we don’t have sufficient
    numbers to represent a significant voting bloc. and we have little if any
    We are perceived as a worrisome problem, economically stunted, and a
    financial burden-those are the prime reasons we lack representation.
    If some resource discovery is made that cannot be taken from us all that
    will change-we will be catapulted to a new found prominence-barring
    such an event we can expect more of the same.
    The implication in that is that we demand our tribal governments truly
    become representative of us within our own sphere of orbit. We cannot
    continually await a few trinkets tossed our way by the Great Black or
    White father who presides in Washington at the time.
    We are in this land and not going anywhere-anything that impacts this
    nation will impact us. If we cannot or will not contribute to it’s welfare
    then we must in the least contribute to our own.
    Laws cover a variety of things, of shared offenses-theft is theft
    regardless of where it takes place and under whose law it is committed.
    The same holds true of rape and abuse, of murder and assault-there
    is a common denominator in the perception of such things, those
    things cannot be defined as “colonial’ or tribal, while others can.
    We cannot forget that despite the inexplicable delays Annie’s
    case did obtain a partial degree of justice in court,nor that it was the
    result of “colonial law”, and further justice, the justice we call for,
    will be meted out under the same system. Apparently we cannot have it
    both ways.
    In that we need to encourage and be supportive of this endeavor, while
    still demanding accountability.
    Law enforcement, government on any level, and ALL politicians are
    public servants-they take an oath to serve the best interests of ALL
    people and this country-if they need to be reminded of that then it is
    a right, a duty to do so.
    It is one thing to speak against colonial law and another to embrace
    it as Russell did in his Chinle defense where he threw everybody,
    every call for self determination, every cry for sovereignty under the
    bus in an attempt to save his own sorry ass.
    It is a fine line we are forced to walk in knowing what the “law” has done
    to us and what we would have it to do, some balance must be struck
    because it is the “law” that has put Graham behind bars where he belongs,
    and it will be the “law” that hopefully puts Banks and his cronies behind
    bars as well.
    It is the “law” that allows us to prevail in land disputes and other court
    cases we bring. Perfect? Not by any stretch of the imagination-but it
    is what we have to work with.
    It is a conundrum we face and must deal with.

  17. I agree, the law is not perfect, or the administering of it by flawed humans with competing interests. However, the forgotten minority will remain as such until they take ownership of their communities. When Indians fight each other, they lose (land, treasure, freedoms.) When they band together, they win, at least in the short term. But power-building unity is hard to find. Why don’t those enriched by casinos help the residents of Shannon County? Why does tribal corruption run rampant? Where are the Indian leaders who condemn Peter Matthiessen for perpetrating a great fraud upon Indians, to the detriment of Indian history and spirituality? Why do highly educated Indians, professors and teachers, indoctrinate their students with poisonous lies? Why must we endure puff pieces and fawning documentaries about Dennis Banks, Russell Means, John Trudell and Clyde Bellecourt? Why do Indian groups gravitate toward a lying guilty killer who constantly denigrates the great name Crazy Horse? Why do they support politicians whose goal is to make Indians wards of the state and whose policies create obstacles to entrepreneurial enterprise on Indian land? Why do tribal councils look the other way when the children are being ravaged by sexual abuse? Where are the real men of the rez who stand up for doing the right thing? If one believes the Black Hills will never be returned to the Lakota, a logical conclusion given the government’s history, what should be done with the half billion dollars payment, a resource, that sits in an account in Washington? The answers will not be found in FOI files, conspiracy theories, or with false heroes. The answers lie within.

  18. JS-
    You’re asking some tough questions that will probably aggravate
    a few people, but I think there are many areas open to question-
    and many of them myself and others have asked. I’m not a sociologist
    or any kind of ologist, so all I can offer are opinions.
    I would begin by saying we could ask many of the same questions
    of our opposites-why do they elect and endure corrupt politicians,
    why do they support Peltier, where are the real men who will take
    on the discrepencies in Washington?
    But to do so would amount to little more than tit for tat.
    As to the Black Hills and other land considered sacred the belief
    has always been that ultimately no one really owns the land, and
    hence cannot sell it-and I would ask would you sell the land,
    the family plot, where your family, your ancestors lay?

    That point becomes obscure when we see someone like Russell
    boast of HIS ranch, HIS Santa Monica digs, and HIS home in New
    A line in the sand has to be drawn at some point-for the Lakota
    it is the Black Hills-I understand that, the Black Hills have long been
    considered sacred by other tribes as well-among them the Cheyenne
    who previously controlled that area before having it taken from them
    by the NDL in their westward push after being driven from their own
    In an earlier response you cited the lack of trust indigenous
    people have regarding the government and white people, you allowed
    as it was understandable, if not warranted. That I believe is a part of
    the problem.
    An across the board tribal unity among all the nations could
    produce a profound effect-why there isn’t is probably due to the
    same attitudes that produce the same lack of it among other
    ethnic groups in this country and throughout the world.
    It was the treaty of Versailles that gave rise to the disenchantment
    in Germany after the first world war, and allowed a monster like
    Hitler to ascend to power.
    Mistreatment and oppression presented an opportunity for Castro
    to take the reins in Cuba-people like this seize opportunity and
    mount what initially appear to be populist freedom movements.
    The same conditions that existed for that to occur in Germany
    and Cuba exist on every rez in this country-and that was how
    AIM and people like Russell and Banks were able to mount a coup
    and come to power.
    In the governments “wisdom” we have limited jurisdictional
    authority that prescribes not only which crimes we can prosecute
    but also the length of time associated with sentencing.
    I’d call that a severe handicap for a “sovereign” people wouldn’t
    you? That transfers the onus to others-and as we’ve seen there
    isn’t what any would call an enthusiastic approach.
    The “resmurs” have often been referred to as a part of a reign of
    terror-fear, distrust, and uncertainty curtail what a people will do in
    addressing issues-we see the same with organized crime like the
    mafia, neighborhoods controlled by gangs and drug dealers
    in practically every city in this country.
    It seems a little disingenuous in light of that to ask the questions you
    have as though they apply only to our communities, despite the fact
    they are valid ones.
    It is, and must be, more about taking ownership of our communities
    than relying on outside forces-but to do so we must have a greater
    latitude than the one we have been given.
    We must have the legal authority and resources the rest of the
    nation does.
    I know people on a reserve in Canada who faced these same problems,
    in the end the men picked up some sticks and went out and laid the wood
    to gang members, drug dealers, and the like-the result? Problem solved.
    Maybe that is what is required in our communities-but ask yourself
    if that approach were taken what would it lead to, what would be the response
    of the government and law enforcement?
    Perhaps more importantly what would be the response of individuals
    like Russell and Banks? The answer to that is easy-they would flood the
    courts, embrace “colonial law” to the fullest extent and wrap themselves
    in the flag and the Constitution.
    In the end we would in all likelihood wind up with even greater
    The best hope I believe is for all these fools to be indicted and wind up in
    jail, maybe they could all become Peltier’s girlfriends-if not that the next
    window of opportunity will be when they have all passed on.That may
    sound like a terrible thing to say but I believe it to be the truth.
    It isn’t just the media or indigenous people who have facilitated AIM-it is
    the government as well-an example of that is the proposed so called
    AIM museum in Minneapolis-money for that will be acquired through
    Another example would be the “ransom” paid during the BIA takeover,
    kind of like aiding and abetting isn’t it?
    I’ve asked often enough why RICO hasn’t been employed-I’m curious
    if you have an opinion on that?
    There are a lot of negatives in our communities, but there are a lot of
    positives as well.
    For every Russell or Banks there are countless others who are their
    polar opposites-people who only desire to be secure in their persons
    and homes, to be able to provide and lead a decent, to follow their beliefs,
    and it must be understood that the heart and soul of AIM is not the tricksters
    we all know of, it is the ones who toil in anonymity in their communities
    for the betterment of them.
    People are rising up in every nation to address the issues. Men and women
    who say we are more than this and we will be what we are.
    Everyone of them is hero- their’s is the true spirit of Crazy Horse, of Joseph
    and Quanah, Roman Nose, Sequoyah, and many, many more who loved
    their people enough to place them first and understood what it meant to be
    a human being.

    • Yes, and I wish we would hear more from these real leaders and less from the Means-Banks traitors. I wish one, just one, prominent Indian leader would challenge, say, Levi Rickert and his pro-AIM filth propaganda at native news network. Is everybody that gullible? As for the Bellecourt issue you mentioned, Joseph H. Trimbach sent that letter to the Governor a couple of weeks ago. How about somebody from the Indian community doing the same? Where are you, real leaders?

      January 2, 2012

      The Honorable Mark Dayton
      Governor of Minnesota
      130 State Capitol
      75 MLK Avenue
      St. Paul, MN 55155

      Dear Governor Dayton,

      Enclosed is a copy of American Indian Mafia, the story of my experiences with the American Indian Movement (AIM) when I was the regional FBI Agent in charge in the early 1970s. My son, John, did most of the research and writing. In the years since our book was first published in 2007, no one has refuted our original research, much of which identifies the prevailing wisdom from academia as propaganda, lies, and distortions. Today, many Indians and non-Indians have joined our efforts to set the record straight regarding AIM’s true legacy. I write to you now to alert you to the shenanigans of former AIM leader Clyde Bellecourt and his latest attempt to re-write history and secure what he hopes will be safe harbor from prosecution.

      As stated in our book, Bellecourt was reportedly involved in several AIM murders, most prominently the 1975 murder of Anna Mae Pictou Aquash. Anna Mae was an AIM member who fell under suspicion of being an FBI informant. She was never an informant. In the trials of her killers (both former AIM members), the latest trial being the December 2010 conviction of her executioner, the evidence makes it clear that Clyde Bellecourt was a main figure in Anna Mae’s premeditated murder and that he, along with his brother, Vernon Bellecourt, Dennis Banks, Russell Means, and other AIM leaders, either personally condemned Anna Mae or condoned her death sentence. Clyde Bellecourt was allegedly at the home of Russell’s brother, Bill Means, the night they brought Anna Mae there and jointly decided to end her life. A few hours later, atop a remote cliff in the Badlands of South Dakota, Anna Mae was shot in the head at point-blank range.

      Now Bellecourt is trying to seal his falsified legacy by convincing civic leaders, most of whom are extremely uninformed, to fund his self-promoting museum, known as the AIM Interpretive Center, at 1208 5th Street SE in Minneapolis. Governor Dayton, this tribute to AIM criminality would serve no purpose other than to falsify the historical record, denigrate true Indian spirituality, and poison young minds with the type of bilge Bellecourt has been peddling for years. Funding this five-million dollar boondoggle would also be a severe misuse of public funds and an abuse of the public trust.

      Governor Dayton, please take the same action as your predecessor, Tim Pawlenty, and line-item veto any and all public funding for Bellecourt’s project. Bellecourt counts on public officials to lend legitimacy to his manufactured past as someone who helps Native Americans. Anna Mae was a Micmaq Indian from Nova Scotia. Please do not allow Clyde Bellecourt and his band of betrayers to denigrate her memory any more than they already have. I urge you to reject Bellecourt’s evil con and deny funding for this monument to murder.


  19. I’m glad you posted a copy of this and would urge others who read it to
    also send a letter or email Dayton.
    AIM no longer gets the free pass among the nations they once did-people
    are beginning to speak against them, it is a process that will not come to
    fruition over night.
    On several occasions I’ve likened their support as being equivalent to the
    Stockholm Syndrome where captives become supporters.
    The legacy AIM has created will endure long enough without it being
    memorialized in a self promoting museum/center.
    Maybe one day there will be an inter tribal holocaust museum in DC for us,
    as what has been inflicted on the nations during the course of five hundred
    plus years can only be called a genocidal event of epic proportions.
    If so AIM and the cultural genocide they are responsible for should be a
    featured exhibit.

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