1. David Hill: Raid on Thelma Rios HIll Conroy residence for Mt. Rushmore bombing Search Warrant 7/6/75 — Indictment: possession of firearms while under indictment on other charges, 7/7/75 — “There has been no indication of demonstrations in the Pine Ridge area and the Mount Rushmore problem is over.” (449/1187/1549 SAC Held to Director, et al.,) 7/9/75 — Dismissed: Complaints 75-99M and 75-10M “best interests of justice served.” 7/11/75 — Two latent fingerprints….. identified as finger impressions of HIll: One on the cover of a New Paladin Press catalog obtain in connection with the Mt. Rushmore bombing. (ResMurs pg 910, File No. 89-3229 FBI #213783M8 10/9/75) — “That in the summer of 1975, I was contacted my Marvin Amiotte, attorney, who purported to be contacting me on behalf of the Defendant Hill. That Amiotte told me that Defendant Hill wanted to make a deal to have the remaining charges against him dropped.” Affidavit of Attorney General William J. Janklow, Feb. 9th, 1976.

  2. So, then I’ll ask with the understanding there is no obligation to reply-in
    your opinion is Hill the insider, or do you think it another, or multiples?
    As I said previously I think at some point the majority of them have
    rolled over to get out of something.
    Peltier was arrested in February of ’76-roughly eight months after
    the murder of Williams and Coler, the Rios search roughly a couple
    weeks after the shoot out in ’75 as you’ve posted. Coincidence or
    I think if Hill had given up Peltier it wouldn’t have taken eight months
    to make the arrest-so for me that leaves someone else, if indeed
    Peltier was given over.
    Robideau made a claim that he was Mr. X-and intimated as well that
    he was the triggerman regarding Williams and Coler- though I doubt
    both assertions, and think it more bluster due to the double jeopardy clause
    and incontrovertible evidence proves Peltier to be the shooter.
    Janklow is also the one who pardoned Russell-within the context of both
    of these acts by the avowed “Indian hater” they warrant a closer look.
    In January of ’86, Clyde gets busted with a huge amount of drugs and
    is charged with multiple counts of distribution and conspiracy-cuts some kind
    of plea deal and receives a minimal sentence, of which he serves less than
    two years-something a little disjointed in that as well-especially when he is an
    “enemy of the state”. It all kind of has the sound of a love hate relationship
    doesn’t it?
    Nobody ever does any real time other than Peltier and Marshall-everyone else
    gets a slap on the wrist, and or pardoned. Not even Banks, who upon his
    surrender in ’85 does 18 months-this despite the fact that he must have
    been under suspicion regarding Annie due to his identification of her
    All this leads to me to believe a person(s) has been earning their keep for
    some time- but lacking any proof it is speculation for the time being.
    Someone posted a response on the Annie fb I believe it was that among the
    non- indigenous the perception is that to speak out against AIM, Peltier , or
    the overlords is to be in effect traitorous-that has been the safe haven, and
    the ATM, for this entire bunch, and they’ve worked it like skid row prostitutes.

  3. Speculation in part — that is all it can be until the truth emerges. But consider this, as much as AIM members point to Hill or each other as being the inside deep-throat informant, or informants their unwillingness to contribute anything of substance, and instead engage in a cover-up has then only served the needs of the FBI — the entity they accuse of causing all of this. In other words, AIM does the dirty work for the FBI — covering their dirty deeds up if you believe the accusation of an AIM COINTELPRO – ironic. To tell the truth, in order to examine their accusations, would mean that each and everyone would have to admit their own roles in several different murders, bombings, etc., and show that the last 35 years+ has been a lie, that they help creat. PS: The Jumping Bull Compound event occurred on June 26, 1975. The bombing of Mt. Rushmore took place on June 27, 1975. The search warrant was issued first part of July for the home of Thelma Rios Hill, the then wife of Harry David Hill (they had one son, Tony Rios — the youngest person in South Dakota history to be sent to prison for a murder at age 14). The charges were dropped by July 9th, “in the interest of justice.” According to court testimony, Hill also showed up in Rapid City, South Dakota on or around Dec. 9/10th, 1975 the same day they brought Annie Mae Aquash to Rapid. And, in an interview with author Serle Chapman, Hill concedes that he hears that Annie Mae was already dead by the time he goes to Sioux Falls, South Dakota for the trial of Russell Means the week of December 12th, 1975.

  4. I’ll respond to your latest reply later as I have several things to do,
    but wanted to offer the following idea:
    An e-book authored by you and Denise composed of all the information
    know to date, and personal observations, photos, court documents, etc,
    could do the Kindle download thing, or make it available through the
    ICT “store” with links in the online newspaper, and the Annie and Ray
    sites. Whatever revenue that is generated, even if only $.99 per download,
    could be applied to a reward system or dedicated to indigenous causes.
    Maybe included relevant articles written by NAJA members or provided
    by the faithful on the sites- conflicting quotes by the liberators-a lot of possibilities
    I think.
    Just a thought.

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