2 comments on “A LITTLE HEAT

  1. A simple request, to accept personal responsibility. A simple request, to gather together a few like-minded people to come together to clean up just one piece of trash that they, their neighbors, or their own people have accumulated over the years, and take the initiative to do something. As I have always said, change begins with each person; one who is inspired to take the first step, then take it a step further; to make those positive changes within their own families first. Begin a grass-roots effort within small communities (behind closed doors if necessary) with a few people who are willing to commit to change, one step at a time. But apathy is not our enemy, and blame is so much easier to accept than taking a hard look at ourselves. Honor and respect; what will it take to achieve that again?

  2. “Honor and respect; what will it take to achieve that again?”

    That is indeed the question Anakis-on the one hand the answer
    seems straight forward enough, on the other laden with
    But it as you say-it begins on the individual level.

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