3 comments on “TOWNHALLS

  1. The internet may be the new Town hall meeting for those who are passionate about similar beliefs and causes, and those who adhere to a communal fight for justice, as we cannot gather together personally to express our thoughts. There is always the opportunity to take it a step further; speak out in our own communities; approach a young teen who may be involved in gang activity or a drug runner; take the time to advise a young female who is at risk of becoming pregnant, which drugs and alcohol plays the deciding factor more times than none. Change begins with how we mentor our youth, at an early age, with a pro-active approach rather than intervention after the fact. Volunteer your time, if possible, or offer words of support and alternative choices to our women who are being abused, and our Elders, who are struggling to survive. Encouraging words spoken from the heart, face to face, from one to another, may have the same impact as a grass-roots effort on cyberspace. I’ve seen it happen. Each one of us can make a difference, and provide the opportunity for others to follow in order to initiate change and healing. ‘Leave no stone unturned-put nothing off till tomorrow that can be done today-it is the cumulative effect that will produce the greatest results.’ We can’t achieve that on the Internet.

  2. Anakis:
    “We can’t achieve that on the Internet.”
    And that is the inadequacy of the net-there is no substitute for the
    spoken word that is heard, no substitute for the handshake or
    sharing a task.
    This lack of hands on involvement can lead to complacency or
    satisfaction in an involvement that requires little more than typing
    a few words-thinking that is enough, or all one has time for.
    Any effort is a good one, but I think we are able capable of
    doing more-opportunities exist everyday to do so- carpe diem.
    seize the day and the opportunities, large and small.
    Seeds have an inherent vitality-often times even when they
    are haphazardly strewn about they find fertile soil and take
    Planting these seeds in our day to day personal orbit is the
    further step you speak up, and something we are all capable
    of-it is a good point you make. It is an act of personalization,
    of commitment, for which there is no substitute.
    If a battle cry has been sounded this is a part of it-and it falls
    to each of us to answer the call or not.

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