3 comments on “MAD AS HELL

  1. Apathy, lack of self-esteem, and refusal to see the light at the end of the tunnel certainly inhibits some of our people from reaching the point where we can finally find our own way out of a paper bag. “Yes, I’m a hater of injustice. I am a human being, and my life has value.” Our women were never afraid to speak out. We ousted Chiefs, if they didn’t hold true to their word. Some Native women today, but not all, forget the strength we always had, to speak out, to right the wrongs of our Leaders, Chiefs, Clans and tribes, and I’m sure there were times when we were not very polite about it. Am I as mad as hell, and I’m not going to take it anymore? Absolutely….now what?

  2. Anakis:
    Despite all the made for media talk about matriarchy or loving all women
    as some have said, the actual process of re instating women and elders
    to their former positions seems to be mostly lip service.
    Following on the heels of a minimum of four decades plus in the efforts to
    marginalize them it shouldn’t be surprising-I think there are a majority of
    indigenous women who are fearful to raise their voice lest it lead to another
    smack down.
    It is the same fear that precludes them from speaking up when having been
    sexually or physically assaulted-the knowledge that they will be threatened,
    intimidated, and blamed.
    While it is a good thing to walk and talk about health related issues, this to
    me along with a few other conditions I could cite are the greatest problems
    related to the “health” of the nations-and yet none author a walk to raise
    To do so would drag the dirty laundry out into the light of day where it belongs
    and raise too many questions, both personal and generic. If the time comes
    when the monetary rewards outweigh the risks maybe the walkers, talkers,
    and liberators will decide it’s worth it.
    Until such time I expect little more from them than books, interviews, and
    videos-all telling us how great they are and their unflagging service.

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