1. This is the sad story to read and it has been a very bad time for our
    little ones and those of others. We do not think any will make to respond
    and explain, they cannot and we do not think any can.

  2. To meoquane and jess, There is no one, in this case, who can give any kind of explanation or apology for their actions. You are the next generation of our people, and wise beyond your years. Pass that knowledge on to others; you will teach your children well.

  3. Rezi, I can honestly say that I have no faith in the Truth and Reconciliation Commission, appointed by the Gov’t. of Canada. It’s the same old sweeping of atrocities under the rug and trying to throw a bone, in this case, a commemorative stained glass window, in the House of Parliament. As if that will rectify all of the murders, physical/sexual abuse, and torture of Native children. Duncan should be ashamed.


  4. Well Anakis, I don’t believe there is much that goes on in the
    halls of government that is motivated by a social conscience
    -it is more about what is deemed politically expedient at the
    moment, how it plays with the media, and the larger non indigenous
    I once had a person ask me what more did “we” want, what more
    could be done than to apologize? My response was if they really
    felt that way and had to ask they would never understand.
    A stained glass window-maybe they should hang it in the Vatican,
    if not they should at least have the Pope bless it-that will make
    everything right.
    Genocide is always denied, whether it occurs on this continent,
    in Germany, Africa, or anywhere else-it is the ultimate “inconvenient
    Thanks for the link.

  5. anakis thank you for these words but we think yo are the wise one
    and when the little ones are gifted to us we speak only the true thing
    to them and we will not paint the window.

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