1. oh the terrible thing this is and the pictures hard to look at, we do not
    understand who would do these things

  2. ‘If there were ever a building that ought to be haunted, the Canton Asylum for Insane Indians in South Dakota would be that place. Native Americans were committed to its care, involuntarily, with little recourse for protest. Many remained for life, longing for their families and a familiar culture. Few personal records remain to reveal the hearts and lives of Canton Asylum’s inmates, and this site of despair and injustice was demolished many years ago. Ironically, only a cemetery remains to mark the spot where so many lives were ruined.’ ~Carla Joinson~

    Our people were committed to an institution, for life, for speaking out against injustice. I’m familiar with the VT Eugenics Program, which targeted Native American and Metis families, specifically Abenaki, but any Native families were considered ‘inferior stock unfit to breed.’ We were referred to as ‘Gypsies, Pirates, and River Rats’; a Nation and people who were subjected to forced sterilization, and involuntary commitment to an asylum. It is difficult to address those who are of the opinion,’Just get over it’. I believe that healing will come with time, but it’s not a free ride. It will involve hard work for some, to allow the healing to begin. For the high and mighty oppressors, I have no words to say that you could begin to comprehend.



  3. Thank you for your posting of the statistical map; quite an eye opener. As Chivington said, ‘nits make lice’, and the genocidal policies of the oppressors continue to this day. We’lalin, for your research and exposing more of the iceburg, so others will know the truth.

  4. Anakis:
    For those who followed the links to the Canton Asylum and the incomplete
    records they kept one has to wonder how accurate the statistics on the
    map are- how many files have gone missing, how many people were
    “misdiagnosed”, and how many were never recorded?
    I think it doubtful we will ever have a full and accurate accounting. Declaring
    a person mentally unfit has long been a favored tactic of repressive governments-
    countries like Russia and China are noted for it-now we see that the Beacon of
    Democracy, the shining land of liberty has played this game too.
    It isn’t news to us-hopefully others won’t gloss over it dismissively and be
    more concerned about their iphones and what their favorite celebrity is up to.
    Gratitude belongs to others than myself, ones such as yourself and others who
    add links and insights, those who visit the blog and link it elsewhere, those who
    read and discuss it with others.
    Truth remains truth, and for truth to flourish it must be propagated and disseminated
    as a counterbalance to lies-it may not be as popular as fairy tales and lies but
    certainly has the greater value, and it isn’t always “convenient”.

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