1. much to think about, we are not happy to say we have met ones
    like these the pied piper and the ones who say to follow for all
    the answer, the sad it is any of these ones would be the indian.

  2. There will always be ones who will come and say “listen to me, I will make your life better”.

    But the main one who can make your life better is yourself. We live with those around us and see the good or bad everyday. We know what is needed to change because we are the ones that are unhappy because of it. It is each individual who needs to make the change in their own lives. Doing so will improve the who drop by drop, and if it continued will turn into an ocean.

  3. And the one who so easily believe in FEMA death camps, find it exceedingly difficult to believe the truth that stares them in the face every day.

  4. Kira:
    America I believe has pretty much become the X-Files, wanting
    to believe in the obscure while overlooking the obvious-the
    associated cost is staggering.

    Insightful-drop by drop, step by step, and entirely up to the
    individual. A simple and undeniable calculus.

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