1. Pelterites. Classic. Right on the money as usual. Crazy Horse was a badass MoFo. Peltier & the “Pelterites,” are just bad…and pathetic. Good post. Well done.

  2. One good thing, the clemency petition for Leonard, initiated by LPDOC for a White House review has come back with ‘no comment’. These old AIMsters are on their way out, trying desperately to sing their last swan song. All they can manage is a lot of quacking and flapping. Not one of them could ever measure up to our great leaders and warriors.The damage they have caused throughout our own Nations will hopefully be repaired, by those who are willing to step up to the plate, commit to making a change, and become the leaders of the future.

  3. Anakis:
    uh huh-the “high colonic”, more commonly known as the dreaded enema-probably
    the only thing that would stand a chance of working at this point.
    Excellent update re the petition-no comment I think translates to NO, and no
    problem with that on this end. Good analogy-ducks and quacking.

    Meoquane and Jess:
    Glad you agree-maybe we can start a petition to that effect.

    thanks for the compliments and the input.

  4. What saddens me the most is that children are learning this affront to all decency as a normal state of affairs but then all children know they have been lied to and that is what makes them so angry. My prayer is for each and every child that knows s/he is being lied to, find a mentor that has true integrity and can teach some lessons to hold onto during the most challenging of times.

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