19 comments on “COVENANT

  1. We have looked this word covenant up, it means the promise and maybe
    something sacred. But these ones have broken the promise many times
    and we have no trust for them.

    • Took the words right outa my mouth. AIm has become a shameful enterprise, reduced to begging for money on behalf of, and recieving marching orders from, the LPDC.

  2. headbanger:
    Reminds me of a carnival midway replete with sideshows, barkers, and shills.
    In lieu of the bearded lady and Little Egypt doing the dance of the seven veils we
    are offered Peltier and his sundance, “authentic” warriors in full battle regalia,
    and carefully crafted myths and legends-none of it worth the price of admission.

  3. Anon: would you say there has been no collusion to create and the sustain the
    myth of Peltier who is now referred to as a major AIM figure of the upper
    Would you further say that both AIM and LPDOC have not both propagated
    the same story line surrounding WK2 and also the shoot out involving Williams
    and Coler? How about the by rote recitation of the abduction and murder of
    Annie Mae?
    Marching orders may be a stretch, or an oversimplification, though I wouldn’t
    agree with either classification, but in my opinion collusion is not. So I would
    ask what foundation is there to present Peltier as having been a “high ranking”
    AIM member-what foundation has been laid for one and all to repeat the
    verbatim story rehearsed, or to present Peltier as some mystical spiritually
    evolved being? A mystical spiritual being who interrogates a woman at gunpoint
    and in so doing has her life in his hands?
    I’m surprised he is isn’t being presented as a medicine man-but then I guess
    the fat lady hasn’t sung yet.
    Even more to the point what foundation exists to have raised untold sums of
    money and accomplished nothing? What foundation is there to refrain from
    taking a polygraph?
    The truth of the matter is that AIM, Peltier, and LPDOC are obliged to maintain
    a cozy and mutually supportive relationship to insure whatever degree of validity either has or think they have-a marriage made in hell from which there is no separation, no divorce.

  4. I believe the ‘marching orders’ posted by Headbanger refers to the March from Alcatraz to DC beginning in Dec., organized by LPDOC, which Dennis Banks has now jumped on the bandwagon.

  5. A good point you make Anakis, and one I hadn’t thought of. All that remains
    now is to see what if any response from anon is forthcoming.
    The celebrity racket is all about bandwagons and jumping on and off as
    they wax and wane-no surprise here.

  6. We do not know this word sic and will not look for it, but we think there is no
    foundation to believe a word this one Peltier speaks, and may be it is sick to
    send the money.

  7. Anon: would you say there has been no collusion to create and the sustain the
    myth of Peltier who is now referred to as a major AIM figure of the upper
    Yes-I am saying just that.
    Peltier being now referred to as a major AIM figure present or past? either way that has been a tactic of the prosecution–to portray him as more than he was–to portray him as a leader when he was not –

  8. Anon-appreciate your response and see that apparently we agree that
    Peltier is being portrayed as more than he ever was or is-i.e. a leader of
    any kind, and at least from my perspective any kind of a martyr.
    If you take a look at Peltier’s page or the way in which LPDOC refers
    to him then you have to admit both have adopted this “prosecutorial”
    There are lingering questions I asked that you haven’t responded to
    and it is your right to do so, but I would be interested in what you might
    have to say about them.
    No one disputes that Peltier interrogated Annie Mae-some dispute
    the methods he employed, like sticking a gun in her face/mouth. It is
    reasonable to assume that if he felt it necessary to carry and produce
    a weapon during this investigation and was ordered to determine her
    guilt or innocent that he was also prepared to shoot her-what would
    be your take on that?
    Also as a Peltier supporter has it ever bothered you that his story
    has changed over time or the fact that while he is willing to take a
    polygraph in relationship to claims he makes concerning his conversation
    with Bob Branscombe he isn’t willing to do the same to prove
    his proclaimed innocence?

  9. @ Anon: As white non- indigenous “spectator” with English as second language I must ask did I understood what you said correctly?

    It is prosecution fault that innocent man having unfair trial and it’s injustice done to LP to portray him in “higher rank”… ?
    Which portrait he by the way embraced, accepted ( never declined/denied ) and used it to fit in perfectly to create his “Indian activist / innocent/ opressed warrior “myth?

  10. The attempt to say that Leonard was such a leader that AIM killed Annie Mae to protect him–is the b.s. line I was addressing..Leonard’s “story” of the shoot out has been consistent. Do any of you here realize that the shootout was a battle in an ongoing war between nations?
    Bob Robideau had vigoursly insisted that he himself was the person who killed Coler and Williams. Bob was also the only witness to the alleged interrogation at gunpoint of Annie Mae and denied that version of the paid for by the government testimony to that account.
    I have no idea why Leonard would or wouldnt take a lie dtector test- I certainly would not trust such a test with my own fate (as an innocent person). Leonard has stated many times that he would welcome a new trial–

  11. Anon-thanks for responding but you seem to be overlooking the
    fact that Robideau later on withdrew from his lpdoc support,
    also that due to to Robideau’s own farce of a trial he could
    quite easily say he was the shooter-a little thing called
    Double Jeopardy.
    As to the “battle” at wk2 it might serve to ask those whose
    homes were ransacked, those who we were held hostage, and
    those who lie in unmarked graves what their take on it is.
    You might also consider the ’99 elders statement where they
    called a lot of people out, said AIM was nothing and filled with
    wannabe chiefs flying around the country- but it is a personal choice
    whether one believes and respects the opinions of elders or those
    of wannabe chiefs and would be martyrs.
    Further you might want to review videos of Peltier’s interviews
    in addition to statements he has made and then ask if they
    are “consistent”.
    As to the polygraph-your explanation is a common one, and
    one I consider a transparent dodge-especially in view that as
    an “innocent person” he his heading towards four decades
    of incarceration and all the money and steady flow of
    attorneys, and supporters through LPDOC hasn’t
    changed a thing-in that context what does he have to lose
    other than being exposed-he’s already been found guilty
    how would that change?
    Like yourself I was once a Peltierite, but I went beyond the
    us against them mentality, looked at the evidence and
    testimony, the appeals and decisions, and determined the party
    line of feds and conspiracy was just so much bullshit.
    Not only does one have to say all witnesses lied, but also the
    Oyate statement is a lie, and that of other indigenous people
    who stated when peltier was arrested and made his infamous statement
    that had he of known the RCMP were coming he would have blown
    them out of their shoes and his follow up response to the question of what
    about the little ones-this “victims” answer? It’s my life.
    Peltier in my opinion is exactly where he belongs-hopefully others
    will join him soon.

    • We disagree on every point.

      Be sure, I don’t have a blog nor do I want one.

      I would like to point out my civility in posting here and also point out that you direct near insults at me with statements and assumptions such as
      “us against them mentality….” You don’t know me so please don’t assume. I can tell you I do not have an us against them mentality.
      “..transparent dodge”.. implies dishonesty -and it wasn’t a dodge -it was my honest opinion and long standing feeling on the issue -in any situation.

      I did assume that we would be at 180 degrees on 99% of issues. You and I as jurors would hit a brick wall.

      • Anon:
        You mistake my meaning as I intend it in a general sense.
        If you’ve read other blogs you will see that I’ve used this
        phrase “us against them” before without personalizing it.
        Also “dodge” is used in the context that it is the go to when
        anything re a polygraph is mentioned-it is a legal tactic in my
        opinion much the same as the taking of the fifth-which I’ve also
        The application by intent goes solely to peltier and any legal
        maneuver which advises him to avoid doing so. He is after all
        going on four decades, and I if I were in his shoes with the
        funding he has I would hire the best independent polygraph
        expert available if I were innocent and say to hell with legal
        advice that hasn’t accomplished anything. But then that’s just me.
        We both know polygraphs are inadmissable, but we both also
        know they often clear people in investigations.At this point I
        can’t think of a single available resource that could lead to a
        pardon or parole greater than this.
        I have no reason to question your integrity as an individual
        and don’t believe I have-if you think the opposite is true then
        I offer an apology for that.
        Your assumption concerning the brick wall is correct-but the
        purpose of juries is to discuss, weigh the evidence, and where
        there is confusion or questions to resolve them-to allow what
        exists to be an instrument of persuasion.
        If we are to liken ourselves to jurors, which we can only be
        in the court of public opinion, then we should get down to it,
        I’m not going anywhere and it’s up to you whether you do or not.
        I appreciate the fact that you’ve brought this to my attention,
        and that you made reference to Joe Stuntz as well-that is part of
        the process of resolution, which I believe is the goal of both
        factions however they perceive it.
        Having a blog or not having one is secondary to the issues-the
        advantage in a blog is the ability to ask questions or make a
        point that will be scrubbed elsewhere.
        That doesn’t happen here-the only criteria that has ever been
        mentioned is that respect is shown to women who post here-I
        think that’s a reasonable one. Respect doesn’t imply an
        obligation to agree, only to forgo the usual internet name calling.

  12. @ Anon: We can’t believe much of anything from Bob Robideau. Not to speak ill of the deceased, but when he introduced ‘Mr. X’ to Peter Mattheissen, everyone bought it, for awhile, including Leonard. He played into the lie. When it was exposed as a hoax, Peltier certainly had a lot of back-peddling to do. He’s changed his story more times than I can remember.

  13. Good point Anakis-the promoting of the Mr. X story not only by
    Peltier but LPDOC and AIM and the subsequent walking back
    of it was a major red flag for me, and should have been for everyone.
    Dino Butler originally exposed it for the lie it was and credit where
    credit is due.
    If anon will review the videos as I suggested maybe he can
    explain Peltiers flip flops. The obvious explanation was it was BS
    from front to back and it when it stopped floating everybody bailed.
    Nowhere have I stated that Annie was murdered to protect Peltier,
    though a growing number of people are beginning to think that was
    part of the motivation-no such statement can be found in the entirety
    of this blog.
    Peltier was on the run from arrest warrants out of Wisconsin, and
    I for one am convinced when Williams and Coler arrived on the scene
    he thought they were coming for him.
    Peltier has evolved into a commercialized package offered for public
    consumption-sales have been good, and as long as they remain so
    we will continue hearing the same story line. A story line that has
    little to do with truth or honor.
    Further I believe the “battle” of WK2 was a well thought out event
    planned and executed by a few for the media value and attention they
    would garner.
    Considering the abuses of indigenous people in the midst of that by
    these attention seekers the questions arises who were the battles with
    and why were any residents abused by the “liberators”?
    We could get into the dispersement of funds at the BIA occupation
    as well but that’s another story, and any defense of Peltier fascinates
    me and rivets my complete attention.

  14. Rezinate,
    You just reminded me one of “best” theories about shooting I read…

    ” To anyone who either believes that Leonard Peltier is innocent or guilty of the deaths of the 2 Fed agents at the Jumping Bull Compound in 1975 – there’s believe that Special Agents Ronald A. Williams, 27, and Jack R. Coler, 28, were sacrificed by the Feds so the feds would have an
    excuse to pull a raid on the Jumping Bull Compound to arrest some “radical” AIM members Williams & Coler pulled into the Jumping Bull Compound area of the remote reservation seeking to arrest a young man, Jimmy Eagle, in connection with the recent abduction and assault of two young ranchers in nearby Manderson, SD. Williams was an affable, friendly former FBI clerical employee and no doubt had no field experience. These two men were sent in to a dangerous area with no regards for their safety and no close backup for them IN CASE of trouble.

    This a situation crying out for trouble because if the Feds knew there was violent persons there why not send in more agents or wait for the person to leave the Compound area and arrest him.

    Give some thought to that.”

  15. stonefeather- this is one of the more ludicrous scenarios that has
    been offered-it reads like something Forrest Gump would have
    said….maybe he did.
    I’ve seen this before and as per instructions gave it some thought,
    the result was I laughed so hard I was gasping for breath-this ranks
    right up there with that one about Annie being seen alive after her
    murder- I wonder if the same people who came up with the Mr.X
    thing came up with that one as well.
    Really, how stupid do people think we are?
    What wasn’t mentioned in the above tale you posted is that UFO’s
    were seen in the immediate area, crop circles were discovered
    afterwards, and there were several reported sightings of the
    alien “grays”.
    Rumor is the first know photograph of Nibiru was taken then as
    well-but of course it was confiscated and locked away in a secret
    underground vault whose location is known to only a handful.
    I’m not sure what all this means but it certainly cannot be mere
    coincidence, swamp gas, or mass hallucinations….. Give some
    thought to that- just IN CASE.

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