• Thanks for the response “Slim”-had a lot of people tell me population size
      is an encumbrance that effectively renders DPD an impossibility in this
      country, but I disagree.
      What occurs on the local, county, or state level would directly impact
      national policies as well.
      If I draw a comparison between grassroots movements and DPD it
      is usually met with a blank stare.
      Constitutional provisions are provided, I think, in the “right to a redress of
      grievances”, though some may question the connection-but that right, as
      well as free assembly, privacy, and speech is being systematically eroded.
      It should be apparent to one and all that the scales of “representation”
      heavily favor Corporations and wealth.
      I don’t have an issue with success or a reasonable profit margin -I do
      have a problem when they and the influences they wield becomes
      obscene-and that is what I believe is the reality of today.
      People, and especially the nations, need to design an economic model for
      their communities that will be sustainable-one that is equitable. If they fail
      to do this it will be business as usual, and the less fortunate will be spoken of
      in generic terms of having fallen through the cracks, or somehow bringing it
      upon themselves, accompanied by the usual stereotypical labels.
      I’ve said often enough that whatever impacts this country will impact the
      nations, and probably to a greater degree, we need to understand and accept
      that-and in doing so be prepared to deal with, and moderate them.
      We are not seen as a constituency to pursue for anything other than a photo
      op-we aren’t viewed as source of campaign contributions, a significant voting
      bloc, or an engine of industry.
      The American Dream has been a nightmare for the nations, but we’re on
      the move again seeking dreams and visions-our dreams and visions, and
      this Constitution, these treaties, these laws, now become an instrument
      to facilitate that-a poetic irony and justice long overdue.
      Citizens of this nation, and the global community have few options-the
      most viable in my opinion is DPD- if that isn’t pursued what remains is
      fueling the decline.

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