2 comments on “THE GOOD NEWS

  1. Not to plant any ideas in the minds of these New Age wackos, the next approach may be the re-creation of Tesla’s teleforce/death ray weapon, or Crowley’s experiments/rituals at Montauk. I’m ready to place my order for the Mystic Mayan Power Cloak. Does it come with a money back guarantee? In the mean time, I’ve created a new tinfoil hat, and the pasta colander has added significant protection.

  2. I’m surprised no one has made the connection between Crowley and the
    Montauk Monster-the linkage is obvious enough as to be irrefutable.
    The pasta colander is a stroke of genius…..there may be a market in
    this-especially if it’s marketed as a Mayan art form
    I’m sure the cloak comes with a “lifetime” warranty.

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