3 comments on “EDUCATION

  1. So very important for us this education, we must keep the tradition
    and the culture but it is this education makes for the better future.

  2. Well, looking at origin and meaning of this word “education” – which comes from Latin “edukato” and means “upbringing, care, help to learn/to teach” – and if we agree that education in broadest, general sense means deliberately transmiting, sharing and passing accumulated knowledge and skills through all possible media (art, science, music ect) about traditions, rituals, beliefs, ways to survive and to Live, laws, instructions, hints and habits, customs and values from one generation to another; it occurs through any experience that has a formative effect on the way one thinks, feels, or acts – that this is what we all need most.

    For ourselves and our children, our future, our next generations to remember about their ancestors …and live peacefully and happily I suppose… 🙂

  3. stonefeather- we should never forget who we are or where we came
    from-it is something we should carry with us as we move forward
    through the generations

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