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  1. Playing dress up, seems that way to me too. As a boy I’d play cowboys and indians, cops and robbers, knights and serfs, all sorts of things. When I got older, I felt connected with cowboys in as far as living on the land, but I also felt connected to farming because of growing your own food, and Indians because of other things I couldn’t then understand.

    I dressed as a cowboy, hat and boots, when I was working on the farm and handling cows, but as soon as I left that, I felt it was wrong to still dress that way, because I was not living that life.

    I never felt I should dress up in buckskins or wear feathers in my hair, except a few times when I was a boy, as I was not living as an Indian.

    There are real cowboys that view men who wear the clothes alone as “drug store cowboys”, because back in my grandfathers time the drugstore also had a soda or malt shop. They wore the clothes to try and impress the girls.

    It is interesting to me that some first nations will use “hang around the fort” in the same general context.

    But whoever is doing it, they are still only playing dress up. They don’t belong to that group they are portraying, and in turn lessen who and what they group represents.

    When these new agers like lil grandmother act like they are “in tune” with the spiritual aspect, they see the realm of unprovable from the viewpoint of the general society. Most have no idea what being first nations really means, and what they do know stems from lies or romanticisms.

    Maybe anthropologists should study these new age groups.

  2. tali uquelugv- society certainly does have a penchant for romanticism.
    I’ve read things about the JFK administration that referred it to as Camelot,
    and I’ve noted the fascination with British royals.
    You would almost think America wants wants Kings and Queens even in
    the midst of slogans about “don’t tread on me” and state rights versus federal
    The new age phenomena is little more that a revival of the spiritualist
    movement that swept the country a hundred or so years ago-this time
    rather than moving tables, trumpet blasts, and assorted knocking sounds,
    crystals and home made drums are the provenance- having learned that
    those bogus apparitions and levitating tables can too readily be exposed.
    I’ve seen some photos of so called fairies taken by a couple of British
    girls during the height of the spiritualist movement- the fairies are so
    obviously faked they look infantile, and yet then as now in the delusions
    of romanticism they were hailed as genuine-the girls in question even
    admitted later they were faked, but apparently to no avail.
    Obviously as well, it matters little how many come forward claiming
    and demonstrating that they created a crop circle, believers will still
    insist they are of extraterrestrial origin.
    The defenses mounted are hilarious, but also tragic evidence of an inner
    need, a desperation in some to find something to believe in. That I believe
    is in part the result of a complete disconnect from their culture and heritage,
    perhaps a being overwhelmed by the present state of society.
    Another example of this romanticism is the I was born too late, or I
    would rather live a couple of hundred years ago-I always feel like saying
    no you wouldn’t, you wouldn’t survive a week as the proverbial babe in
    the woods.
    The ultimate fantasy is the past lives things-how steeped in the romantic
    is that? You alternately get to be first nations, Egyptian, a slave, royalty, or
    whatever appeals to you.
    All of these things are linked to fads-the origins of our being a fad began
    with the Hippies. Fads wax and wane-it is to our discomfort that this has a
    longevity attached it to as the result of “spiritual” connotations that have
    been associated.. But hopefully “this too shall pass”.
    Drugstore cowboys, I’ve wondered about the origins of the phrase-now
    it’s drugstore Indians,
    Hiawatha, who I channel, tells me he would like a cup of coffee now so
    I’ll attend to that-oh yeah, Hi says to tell you thanks for the response and to
    check today’s astrological forecast before you do anything.

    • Christianity was brought about because of the exact same type of environment. In Rome the people were getting tired of the gods and were adopting Egyptian, Hebrew, Asian spiritual ways and changing them around to make them their own. This society is roman, just like this government is. If you look at it from a conquerors perspective, it’s a good system. They make their own people so fed up they look for alternatives, but they have a society so messed up their people don’t know how to act. They believe lies, and make lies their reality.

  3. may be we would be the romantic and ask this one rezinate to ask Hiawatha
    to help us to find the sock we have have lost.

  4. Hey,

    Seems like great party and fun here! 😀
    Great post Rezi, I had such big smile on my face.

    I am kind of maniacally collecting New Age souvenirs (such Lil’ innocent, strange hobby, fascinated so much what people can create to believe in and what they are able to believe in…) so I can give you lot of decorations for that New Age dress up party?
    UFO sending Unicorns? Crystals and Galactic Rainbow Beings ? Flying carpets? Chanelling and cards and ancient occult wisdom cards and elixirs of Wisdom and “Karma Solva Absolutum Instantum” scrolls? 😀

    Rags and bones? Bits and pieces? Lies and illusion?
    Name it and I will get it for you 😀

    I best start I humbly suggest check out new Lil’ Keisha 2012 prophecies and guidance .
    Russell is Hoksila* with his videos comparing to her think tank about bogus history of indigenous… everything.

    Ah, now I won’t sleep but will hunt again for all those weird, phantasmagorical New Age visions of world and Future and our extraterrestrial Ancient Alien Ancestors and Lost Tribe of Rainbow Warriors 😛

    All my humble greetings and full respect Saint Hiawatha, who you channel, may Light be with him and may he always speak to us what to do. I will now check horoscope straight away every morning before doing anything.
    (It’s doesn’t matter in which language and which version – as it is all Saint Hiawatha Words and Message for us, right? )

    *little boy

  5. got me cracking up stonefeather- and yes Hi speaks all languages
    through the medium of crystals-not to be mistaken with those little
    crystal radio sets children put together, but the genuine wave around
    over your head type.
    I think it was only last week his image appeared on a Cheetos alongside
    of Seth, the vibrations were awesome-it is rumored as well he is friends
    with Madam Blavatksy and often seen in proximity to Sedona and Ley Lines.
    Ordinarily, like all of ours ancestors, he limits his communications
    to the non indigenous, but I’m a fortunate exception to that.

  6. Tali Uquelugv -the third and fourth centuries of Christianity saw a
    lot of adoption and co opting, and many churches today are built
    upon the ruins of conquered people and former “pagan” temples/
    The code of Hammurabbi is one classic example of appropriation
    in the both the Old and New Testaments.

    • Yep, the churches built over sacred groves of the Druids are a good example too. The entire history of christianity is built on taking. Paul if I remember the right person, killed Christians, then supposedly saw god and changed. But he didn’t follow the current Christian leaders that were the apostles Jesus chose, he said their ways were wrong, and made his own way more align to the roman lifestyle.

      Constantine supposedly saw Jesus and that led to his conversion and the writing of the bible. My uncle told me that baptism can trace its roots back to John the baptist, when I told him to prove it, he made all sorts of excuses of documents being destroyed by the catholic church. I guess they didn’t know about copying documents like all scholars back then did, and was usually common practice. He also had no explanation why their bible was nearly exact to the catholic one, minus a few books though. Or why baptist are grouped into Protestant. Who are they protesting?

  7. I’m chiming in here late, and unable to reply to all. Playing Indian throughout history, when did it start. We have the Boston Tea Party disguised as Mohawks, Tammany Hall, the new improved order of red men, Camp Fire Girls, Boy Scouts Order of the Arrow. It started long before the New Age. The appropriation of our culture that began hundreds of years ago, has now swirled, over the years, into a New Age vortex. Rezi, here I thought Hiawatha was MY spirit control. To Meoquane and Jess, I think I just found your sock in my dryer.

  8. Excellent points Anakis- once when questioning a new ager about all the
    “spirit controls” I asked what was the explanation for two or more claiming
    to speak for the same spirit-after a pregnant pause I was informed that there
    is no conflict and in fact it isn’t all that uncommon.
    I thought it was a brilliant recovery-so I grudgingly allow that perhaps it is
    possible Hiawatha is your control also-but I do so with prejudice as they
    say involving court cases-which means I may revisit this at a later date.
    This sock is the very one mentioned by M+J-how do I know you ask?
    I materialized it into your dryer and was merely waiting for M+J to speak of a
    reward, a suitable offer …..I mean offering.

  9. Tali Uquelugv- you seem well versed in these things and good that you are.
    I would very much like to have access to the Vatican archives-I think it
    would be an eyeopener and completely reshape Christianity and further
    expose the manipulations of the church-but nobody ever will.

    • I thought the dryers at the socks, sort of a delicacy for them, now I know, rezinate is stealing my socks!

      I know a little, when looking up my ancestry I wondered what happened to the white tribes I also have in my blood. My heart belongs to the Cherokee people, but in learning about these other tribes, I saw many of the same actions done in the same manner and order. Like tracking on paper, looking at the whole and seeing the path taken. It seems to always be war, trade, religion, in that order. From the Greeks to the Romans, to the romanized nations. Different names same actions, much like these new agers, all doing the same actions, no matter the name.

      Glad you pointed these out Anakis, I would add also when the Cherokee visited England.

  10. anakis you have made us to laugh much for this sock and now we see it
    is this one rezinate made it to be there and we would say maybe better to
    count your socks now to.

  11. that’s right blame on it rezinate- funny story, a few days ago I was in
    a building materials place and of all things they had a display stand with
    packages of “construction” grade socks and a sign that said Assorted Socks-
    the cashier saw me glance at them and asked if I needed any socks-so I paused
    a moment and asked her if that had any that were matched pairs?
    She gave me this puzzled look, caught on, started laughing, and said they
    are matched pairs, assorted just means different sizes.
    It is my contention that dryers do eat socks-anyway, that’s my story and I’m
    sticking to it.

  12. Great I feel lucky in my case I am usually barefoot so I have no socks problems..nor dryer. and If I need use socks – for me those don’t have to match 😀

    But..Hey! I just read :

    “Ordinarily, like all of ours ancestors, he limits his communications to the non indigenous, but I’m a fortunate exception to that.”

    … so I feel today on my Fame and Fortune starting, my future can be “crystal clear” and bright, I gladly will discuss “reward, a suitable offer …..I mean offering.” as you nicely put in words…
    So maybe I could have channeled by you 2012 horoscope – so I would know direction I should FOLLOW after Hiawatha’s words..I feel comfortable if you cooperate in that matter with Anakis – for sure I would get it twice faster and for sure I won’t pay double..you will have to share *laugh*
    What would be needed? Full date of birth, hour of birth, name of my dog, size of my shoe, my bank account number, PIN and personal log on passwords/ card numbers? AND 0900 ********* phone number I shall call to hear my horoscope? 😀

    I can also bring in exchange few nice big crystals, plasma balls, golden wings with rainbow feathers and …mhmmm maybe some CDs with mantras, scented sticks and dance some Horoscope Holy Dance around star shaped lamp (as I have one), pretending to be galactics and planets or some ancient Great Galactic Hero of Tall Tales to song below … 😛

    Fame and Fortune requiring some “sacrifice” and proper background/ decoration on one’s own stage and role to play I guess… 😀 😀

    Best one for New Age party I believe!

  13. stonefeather -the credit cards and pin numbers will suffice-
    upon receipt of said a love gift packet will be sent your
    way, along with a personalized reading.

    Well we’ve had a little fun with Hiawatha at the new agers much
    deserved expense, but he was a great man and it should be obvious
    no disrespect is intended.
    I believe if he were alive in this time he would be as upset with them
    as we are.


    The Iroquois confederacy, has left a rich legacy, and as Six Nations
    now continue to do so.
    They have always been in the forefront of indigenous rights and causes-
    and though they may not get the airtime others do they are a driving
    force – I highly recommend reading A Basic Call to Consciousness,
    especially those we’ve taken issue with here.


    • Rezinate,

      Absoltely no intent to disrespect Hiawatha, who was great Man indeed and I do believe that he would laugh with us and share this fun – I he would know that it was inteneded to laugh at all foolishness of new agers, not at him 🙂
      I am sure he would love to play some jokes by himself with us.

      There’s time to laugh and time to be serious.
      So being serious I apologize if I crossed any line I shouldn’t, I meant no disrespect .

      And…still being serious – this IS message from Hiawatha which IS helpful to see direction to walk with others:

      “The Hiawatha Belt is made of 6574 wampum beads – 38 rows by 173 rows, and has 892 white and 5682 purple beads.

      The purple represents the sky or universe that surrounds us, and the white represents purity and Good Mind (good thoughts, forgiveness, and understanding).

      The belt symbolizes the Five Nations from west to east in their respective territories across New York state—Seneca (keepers of the western door), Cayuga (People of the Swamp), Onondaga (Keepers of the Fire), Oneida (People of the Standing Stone) and Mohawk (keeper of the eastern door)—by open ‘squares’ of white beads with the central figure signifying a tree or heart.

      The white open squares are connected by a white band that has no beginning or end, representing all time now and forever. The band, however, does not cross through the center of each nation, meaning that each nation is supported and unified by a common bond and that each is separate in its own identity and domain.

      The open center also signifies the idea of a fort protected on all sides, but open in the center, symbolizing an open heart and mind within.

      The tree figure signifies the Onondaga Nation, capital of the League and home to the central council fire.

      It was on the shores of Onondaga Lake where the message of peace was “planted” and the hatchets were buried.

      From this tree, four white roots sprouted, carrying the message of unity and peace to the four directions.”

      • stonefeather- no intent to imply anyone responding was
        showing a lack of respect-in fact I was the one originating
        this and should be obvious none was intended.
        I doubt a single ancestor could be found and precious few
        today who would no be, are not, stunned by the audacity of
        this aspect of the new age charade.
        I don’t much care what they do, they can all become brides
        of spirits as nuns say they are are “brides of Christ”, they
        can marry crystals,Hematite, geodes, “thunder eggs”, or any
        other stone of their choice if they like-just leave us out
        of the sideshow.

  14. Not to pay any disrespect to hammers, they have taken quite a beating throughout the years. Here we have a constructive tool that has been turned into a symbol of revolution and oppression; Malleus Maleficarum. I guess a need to leave a humble offering at the next construction site.

  15. Quite a play on words Anakis-I have several hammers who can attest
    to taking a beating- Malleus Maleficarum, an horrific historical document,
    as has been so many of the Papal Bulls.

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